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10/04/2004: "Peep the Video"

Ok, I know I said I was going to just stick to art related topics from now on but my blog, by perogative to change my mind. A friend sent me this video spoof of the debate; It's so clever, and just too hilarious to pass up! (BTW, the battle seen in 8 Mile is one of my all-time fav scenes of the bad guy getting one upped)

Slam Bush


OH by the way, I found out that the new version of my McCafee Security package had spamkiller that I hadn't even set up to filter my webmail account and yet it was filtering all my messages, even many that I had sent out myself. So, if you sent me a message in the last couple of weeks, I'll probably get to read it now.


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on Tuesday, October 5th,">Sammy said

They did a great job with this one, I wonder how they made it look so real?

on Tuesday, October 5th, Elise said

I think they must have taken the footage that they cropped together for the little video over on the DNC website, then used a split screen (easy to accomplish in PhotoShop) to splice in the other "candidate".

The video club I'm in did something similar, where we had a guy juggling back and forth with himself. It turned out pretty cool.