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10/12/2004: "Getting started is the hardest part"

Last night I continued to work on the piece that I was commissioned to do, and I have to tell you, it has been just the catalyst I needed to get working again. Once I have a pallet full of paint all squeezed out and fresh clean brushes to use, it all comes back to me, the energy, the joy of pushing pigments around on a canvas. There is something about the actual smell of oil paints that kicks my brain into creative I'm thinking up lots of new compositions for my next solo in April, as well as continuing to work on a couple of the pieces I'll put into that group show in December.

I emailed an artist who runs the Empire Gallery here in town to see if she'd like to add some pieces to the KTOO show but I guess they are having a group show at the Empire and she was under the impression I was going to be involved in her show. ooops. Also, I've said that I'd like to contribute a couple new paintings for the next Eros (erotic art) exhibit at the Juneau Arts and Humanities gallery.

Can we say "over-extended" boys and girls?

I'm just glad the joo joo seems to be back, cause I've got a lot of work in front of me. The difference is that today I'm feeling up to the challenge.

Replies: 3 Comments

on Tuesday, October 12th, Dio said

I find the getting started the easiest part - its the finsihing that I'm having problems with! :O

Sound like you have loads on, with the commissions and the shows - its good to be in demand. :)

on Tuesday, October 12th, Elise said

I just don't want to F*#! it up and instead have people "demanding" their money back or "demanding" I never apply for another show with them. :laugh:

on Tuesday, October 12th, Dio said

Nah - I'm sure you will pull it off with aplomb. :D