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10/13/2004: "Alaska ON SALE! Everything Must Go!"

This morning my Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) was deposited into my checking account...$919.00

Alaska residents get a check every year that is a percentage of the profits from the state's oil revenues. In the year 2000, dividends were a few dollars shy of 2 grand. The amounts have gone down over the last couple of years but with the high price of crude, they should be up again next year.

Since the checks come out the second week of October, stores across the state start having big PFD sales at the start of the month...everything from airline tickets to video games. Since every man, woman and child gets a check on nearly the same day, a big spending orgy generally ensues.

This year I've decided to use my $ to pay down my credit card debt a bit as I'm working to be credit card debt free in 2 years. To any other Alaskans out there, how do you plan to spend your PFD this year?

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on Friday, October 15th, badly dubbed boy said

Right, that does it, I'm moving to Alaska ;-)

on Friday, October 15th, Elise said

Hey BDB,
I'm sure you'd like it here, and if you're from Cardiff, you'd already be inoculated to the weather here (at least the weather in Southeast Alaska).