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10/17/2004: "Suffering for the Sake of Art - A Photo Blog Entry"

I went out for coffee with my friend Karen today and afterwards hiked part of the Perseverance Trail, then snapped a few photos on the way home. I got all excited while driving over the Douglas Bridge because the light turned a beautiful golden color so I parked the car (nearly running off the road), crawled under a gaurdrail, f*^&ed up my back and knee and got one of my shoes run over by a car, but in the end it was worth it. Below is a sample, I plan to make some of the scenic ones into wallpaper.

downtown (46k image)
Main street

karen (57k image)
Karen after coffee

clock (42k image)
Front Street

houses (83k image)
Some cute houses with metal roofs (common in Juneau)

gold-street (70k image)
The street that leads to Perseverance Trail

cute-house (68k image)
One of my favorite houses on the way to Perseverance Trail

church (35k image)
The Russian Orthodox Church

midtown (42k image)
Houses built in mountainside

town-from-bridge (35k image)
View of town from the Douglas Bridge

seagulls3 (25k image)
A shot of seagulls over the mountains

channel-town (25k image)
View of town from the Douglas Bridge

channel (27k image)
View of the channel from the Douglas Bridge

douglas-harbor2 (49k image)
The Douglas Harbor, where I keep my sailboat

douglas-harbor2 (49k image)
Osiris looking adorable on my sofa

Replies: 3 Comments

on Monday, October 18th, Howard said

Wow, those are really nice!

on Monday, October 18th, Elise said

I think so too, the fall is such a pretty time of the year here, the tundra on the mountains turns that russet color and on clear days, th lighting can be very dramatic. I don't have a camera so I see these really striking compositions all the time but usually don't have anyway to record it. I just lucked out that I had a camera for the weekend that I had rented from the computer lab. Anyway, glad you like them!

on Monday, November 1st, Karen said

Daahling - you do wonders with the camera!!! Not to mention you're a great philosopher, wonderful counselor and amazingly able to function in your left brain for an artiste. Always.....THANKS! :)