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10/18/2004: "Fun with PhotoShop"

Well, I spent my dinner break tonight playing around with some filters in PhotoShop. I was thinking that if I ended up having to fill some space in that December show if I can't get enough people together for a group show, that I could display some altered photos instead. I'm just not sure if anyone would find them interesting or not. I threw together a new gallery with some examples.

Photo Gallery

What do you think? This is just a first stab at it too, I have hundreds upon hundreds of photos I could mess around with, then print them out on high quality paper (these are just thumbnails acually) And I'd matt and frame them of course.

Stupid? I know I'm grasping here but I'm really starting to panic about this December show.

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on Tuesday, October 19th, Jackie said

E: Wow! I love the macros of the plants and fungi! Those are really awesome. My other fave is the old pilings on the beach. And the hills with the fireweed in the foreground. And the wild grasses. I think your photos are worthy of showing. Is this December show the one with the Alaskan scenery/landscapes theme?

on Tuesday, October 19th, Elise said

Yes, primarily because the gallery area is in a part of the building that is open to the public and it's not "technically" a gallery, so he doesn't want anything too erotic (ie. naked) in it.

I was thinking I could do half photographs and half oil paintings of the tidal flats. I could have 5 rather large paintings done by I have my own matt cutting set-up so I could get cheap black frames and just cut up all the matts in a single afternoon. The problem will be finding a place to print out the photos that will do a decent job with the colors. I love the place that did prints of my paintings but they're expensive and I'm thinking more of a Kinkos kind of expense.

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. The longer I put this off the worse I feel.

on Tuesday, October 19th, Whitney said

Your art is so good.
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God Bless!

on Tuesday, October 19th, Elise said

Thanks Whitney, I'll be sure to check them out when I get a chance.