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10/21/2004: "Distractions"

Why is it when ever I absolutely need to focus my energies and be single minded about something, I get more distracted than ever? For example, i *need* to be working on these new painting every free minute of the day but suddenly I have found myself obessesed with music, finding new songs online, learning new chord progressions on my guitar. I hadn't seriously practiced the thing for over a month and then tonight, I couldn't put it down.

Nothing seems to be going right lately. I wasted two hours trying to donate blood only to have the nurse wreck havoc on both arms without being able to draw any blood. So now I have these two huge bruises on each arm and both of them ache like holy hell and yet I don't even get the smug satisfaction of having done something good for humanity.

Speaking of which, I ran across this excellent cartoon Cat and Girl; this particular issue (Cat and Girl Do Good), and particularly the last cell, is exactly how I feel most of the time these days.

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on Saturday, October 23rd, Sammy said

That cartoon is funny. I feel that way too sometimes.

on Saturday, October 23rd, Markus Barca said

It sounds like what you are experiencing is good old fashioned anxiety. I know the feeling. I experience severe cases of it from time to time.

on Saturday, October 23rd, Elise said

Yah, you're probably right. I'm feeling a little better today. I have all my canvases up on the walls and I'm getting some major painting done this weekend. Nothing helps with anxiety like meeting it head on.

on Monday, October 25th, badly dubbed boy said

It's not just you. When I find myself under stress, I find myself playing more computer games!

on Monday, October 25th, Elise said

Hey BD, ah yes, computer games are one of many of my time-wasting addictions. On Sunday I stayed in jammys and bunny slipper all afternoon drinking JD and coke but at least got some painting done...though it was far less brilliant when I sobered up.