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10/26/2004: "Sorry for the rant..."

I just reread the mean spirited remarks I made last night and feel kind of bad about them. I think finding that review sent me spinning back in time and the hurt from it is still fresh. For the record, I had many excellent and supportive art instructors at UAA and had a wonderful time in every studio class that I had there. I think that's why the cherry on top came as such a shock. I take back most of what I said. I did learn a lot from my instructors and I have no idea why they graded me so poorly on work that had been getting me straight A's every semester before. Who knows? They probably legitimately hated the stuff, I just wish I had seen it coming.

Well, I'm off to a conference in Kansas City, a friend will be staying at my place and watching my two cats. I'm doing a presentation on the "Cultural Infusion Curriculum Project for Faculty Enhancement" at the National Association of Multicultural Educators (NAME). I'm only a co-presenter and the other guy is an Ed faculty who basically put the whole project together and then invited me along for the ride. I just hope I do a good job because I'm not exactly clear on what I'm supposed to do.

Wish me luck!

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on Wednesday, October 27th, RR said

Good luck! :rolleyes:

on Thursday, October 28th, Dio said

I think that must be one of the pre-requistes of being an art tutor in college, the ability to totally crush any originallity in your students and to impose your ideals on them... :crazy:

It made me stronger and made me sure of my own mind. It also focused me on the important bits for me. I'd love ot go back, knowing what I do now.

on Thursday, October 28th, alanna said

I have heard similar things from other friends. I personally appreciate hearing it since I'm working on finishing my BFA right now. It's a reminder to try not take people's criticisms too seriously. I don't know why there are so many student bashing teachers in the world, but I could tell you stories that would make you cry.

on Sunday, October 31st, Elise said

Yes Dio, I'd love to go back too, knowing what I know now. In fact, many of those folks are still at the University in Anchorage. I've fantasized about writing them each (or perhaps the department) a lovely not letting them know how I *really* feel.

By the way Alanna, I have no doubt about the horror stories you could tell, I did a lot of crying myself at the time. Just be grateful that you're getting your BFA a little older and wiser than those right out of high school, that puts you in *much* stronger a position to operate from.