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11/03/2004: "Licking My Wounds / Turning a New Leaf"

Well, every single candidate and issue I campaigned for was defeated. I am trying not to *feel* defeated though. A friend emailed me yesterday that my resent posts have seemed very negative and after looking them over again I realized she was right. People who whine and complain all the time annoy me just as much as Pollyanna types. I am going to start to make an effort to be more positive.

I've marked off several new classes to try at the gym, I'm going to increase my efforts to recycle and conserve energy, listen to more music while I paint and less punditry...resume my morning yoga ritual, eat less junk food, and take more walks outdoors. Soon the snow will be here and I'll be able to ski as well. I'm going to work hard on my upcoming show and try not to worry about how much it is likely to suck (oops, that sounded negative didn't it?)... But after all, by world standards my troubles seem very mild indeed...I've been so worried and stressed out about the election for so long...I guess it's time to let it go and look on the bright side for awhile.

As Mariel would say: "I'm going to be a *new* person!". :D