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11/04/2004: "Royal with Cheese"

A couple days ago I got an email from some woman at a website called saying that she loved my work and wants to help me sell it to interior designers. I just deleted it because I get lots of spam like that. Then last night the same woman called my house and left a message on my machine about it too, left me her 800 number to contact her etc. I don't think I'll call her but have any of you been getting approached by or know anything about

Anyway, lnight I went through my TIVO and deleted all the news shows I have set to record regularly. Before the election I felt I had to watch constant news coverage to be a well informed voter. Well, I did my part and now I'm washing my hands of the whole mess. No more news. After I deleted the news programs (which makes up 50% of what I watch) I did some drawing, not related to my show or anything, just some interesting faces from an incredibly sexist show called "She's a Lady" which I'll *never* watch again. They turned out pretty cool.

Today was my first morning without CNN and aside from a few moments of weakness I did OK. I watched "Pulp Fiction" with my morning coffee instead. I'm going to try burying my head in the sand for awhile and see if I feel better or worse.

I had a conversation with a friend years ago that stuck with me. He had just broken up with his long time girlfriend and was pretty heart broken. He said he had to regulate what he watched and listened to because his memories of her were like little mine fields planted in random love songs, movies, etc. at every turn. I'm tending to my broken heart with the same resolve now.

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on Thursday, November 4th, Howard said

Looks like a scam to me. Did you notice the fees to list work:

Seller Membership allows the user to list available works of art for sale on art-exchange. A listing fee is required.

Artists, Publishers, Other Art Sellers...

Silver Membership 15 listings $450.00
Gold Membership 30 listings $720.00
Platinum Membership 50 listings $1000.00

Once they get your money I don't think they'll be doing much else for you.

on Thursday, November 4th, Elise said

Thanks for checking that out Howard! I've been really swamped and not doing much surfing these days. I just thought it was weird getting a personal phone call, talking about specific pieces etc. but sounds like that's just part of grabbing one's interest, especially if you list your home number on your site!

Isn't there a new law against telemarketeers? I am on the "Do Not Call" registry after all.

on Thursday, November 4th, Jim L said

Don't know about art exchange except to be wary of big wooden horses that look like a gift.

I don't have a TV, but I do subscribe to some news magazines and newspapers and read a lot of online news. I am taking the same steps as you. I am avoiding all political discourse because it just hurts all too much and is a waste of time. There is a lot to be said for burying your head in the sand.

on Thursday, November 4th, Elise said

Hmmm Jim, now I'm starting to have doubts again. I just watch Eminem's new video called "Mosh" and it kind of blew me away.

You can view it highspeed broadband at: or if you go to and type in Mosh, the top link that say's Gorilla News Network has a link to it. (it's one about Bush and voting, not the one about Michael Jackson)...anyway, it made me want to cry but it also got me fired up again.

It takes awhile to load but it's worth the wait. Check it out!

on Thursday, November 4th, Nicolas said

Oh wow, that's a pretty great video. Too bad they didn't televise it sooner.

on Friday, November 5th, leahpeah said

i just went through a whole long battle to get my money back from a company very similar to this one. i finally did get a 100% refund but it was 6 months of fighting. once they took my money they did nothing to help sell my art. i would SO not get involved with this company.

on Friday, November 5th, Elise said

Wow Leah, Thanks for letting me know...also, for letting anyone else know who might read this and has been similarly contacted by one of these companies.