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11/12/2004: "She's having a baby!"

I got a call at 4:00am from my sister Kelly that my sister Jenny has gone into labor! Jenny is my sister in Anchorage. I've been more involved in this pregnancy than with my other sisters, since she's so much closer...I'm very excited and nervous at the same time. I should be hearing something any time now. YEAH!

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on Friday, November 12th, Subi! said

:D Wow...Ya for Jenny!!!! THo she is STILL in labor???? How many hours is that? :confused: mine lasted 24 hours!!! :crazy: loving these smilies.....wish her the best Elise!


on Friday, November 12th, ooohh said

btw, where is she having the baby? Anchorage? miss you!

on Friday, November 12th, Elise said

Yes, she's having the baby at the Alaska Native Medical Center It's funny because before she got pregnant she couldn't go to that hospital because she isn't alaskan native, but since she's having a bably that's part alaskan native, she can go there for the birth. It's an excellent hospital from what I hear. :hehe: