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11/16/2004: "Removing Spam from my comments"

technorati tags: pissed off!

So, my comments get spammed every now and again, I go through and delete stuff and add IPs to my banned list, it hasn't been that big of a deal. On Saturday and Sunday I got hit with over 200 long spam entries interspersed throughout my entire blog, using different IPs, so I had to go through individually, every single entry, delete them out, and add the various IPs to my banned list.
It took over 3 hours. :plain:

Now, you're probably thinking it's insane for an incredibly busy person to waste 3 hours of her life deleting spam out of old blog entries...but for me it's a matter of principle. It pisses me off to let any company advance their damn Texas Hold-em poker or ephedrine site by abusing my site and server space. I want to spit in the face of any lame company that gets the help of a spammer as well. ROT IN HELL I SAY!

I've considered adding the feature where you have to identify a hazy letter or number before you can leave a comment, but those things drive me crazy. Any other suggestions?

(Cradles swollen clicky finger protectively)

On another note, when I tried to delete the hundreds of comment spams from my inbox, I accidentally deleted *everything*, my entire inbox (I'm tired ok?). So, if you've sent me an email to business email recently, I probably didn't get it. Sorry.

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on Tuesday, November 16th, Marja-Leena said

I empathize with you as I've had the same problem. Finally I turned off comments to the older ( about 70%) comments, as most seemed to be targeted there. Maybe it's a fluke but I've had very few spam since then! I'm almost afraid a spammer is going to read this and change their tactics on me!!

on Tuesday, November 16th, Elise said

Great idea Marja-Leena! As much as I hate to turn off comments for old entries, especially since some of them still received comments, I can't afford the ammount of time it's going to take to keep cleaning things up if the heavy duty spamming persists.

So, thanks for braving the Spammer's Wrath, though I think none of them will read this, most use automated programs for it these days (i think).