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11/25/2004: "Happy Thanksgiving / Joys of the Logan 450 Matt Cutter"

Yah yah, I know all about Thanksgiving's shameful past, but it's still one of my favorite US holidays. Today I'll be taking a painting break to go have some turkey, stuffing, etc. at a couple's house whom I really like and admire and don't get to hang out with that often so I'm really looking forward to it.

Yesterday I got invited to do a lot (go to a hockey game, play racquetball, go out for coffee downtown) etc. I was good though and resisted all temptation. Instead I was able to fix a painting that has been giving me a lot of trouble, plus take my new Logan 450 matt cutter out for a spin.

First let me say that I *love* this matt cutter. We had this piece of crap thing in school where I got a degree in printmaking and cutting matts was like pulling teeth for me. This one is so damn easy to use that I actually enjoyed it, and cut nine custom matts in just a couple of hours.

I made up my mind awhile ago to invest half of all my income from sales of paintings etc. on equipment for my art business. The matt cutter (and a shrink wrap system) was my first big purchase. It's wonderful to give yourself permission to buy art related toys. I know before I said I didn't care if I sell anything at my show or not but I got the new Dick Blick sale catalog in the mail yesterday and I've been drooling all over it. If I don't sell *anything* than this show will be financially unpleasant as I've sunk a lot of money into it. Oh well, that's not why we do this, right?

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on Friday, November 26th, RR said

Of course it isn't for the money...but it sure does help to get a bit of financial encouragement to make up for all the sleepless nights and angst.
(Sorry for being so stupid but what is a matt cutter?)

on Friday, November 26th, Elise said

Actually, I think I mispelled it. A mat cutter is used to cut mats, mat board with the nice beveled edge that you put in a frame along with the artwork.

I used to have to cut them with just a razor in a hand held thing with a straight edge, this professional quality mat cutter is set up to cut them super easily.

on Friday, November 26th, RR said

Ahhh ok, I think I know what you mean now. They are called mount cutters over here - for cutting card. I have a cheap one wich sort of does the job - a bit hit or miss though. We have to mount all our pieces for assessment, (framing's not necessary for college) so I use mine for that.

on Friday, November 26th, Howard said

If I had the money it would be to get studio space. I love buying new art supplies, but I have to be careful. Sometimes things just end up in a corner not being used

on Friday, November 26th, holly said

I got that Dick Blick catalog, too. I didn't even look at it- it will bankrupt me (and I can't even call myself an artist- I just like your tools!) :satisfied:

on Friday, November 26th, Elise said

A mount cutter? ah you crazy brits! ;)

I know what you mean Howard, except I think I'll use this a lot now that I'm getting into reprints. Also, I've offered to cut mats for a few local photographers at about 1/2 what the professionals charge and they were totally into it.

And Holly, are you sure you're not a closet aritst?