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11/28/2004: "Added more images to the "In Progress" gallery"

Well, here's a link to my "in progress gallery"

I think what bothers me about this show is that although the subject matter is the same, it doesn't have a consistent look and feel, like most of my shows in the past have been. Some have more clearly defined landscape elements, some are more abstract, not even the pallet is consistent. Also, one of the main colors I used "turquoise" does not show up in digital photos or scans. This was a major problem when I got my Giclee prints made for my last show. I used it as the main form of blue in all of these paintings, and it doesn't show up, so they all look off, a bit weird and not nearly as nice as they look in real life.

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on Monday, November 29th, Shannon said

I think this series holds together without being repetative. I especially like the pieces that include more of the landscape - trees, coastline, etc. My favorite is the blue canvas with a little strip of yellow land at the top.
I discovered your blog about a month ago, and it has been helpful to read about the process of another young artist. Thanks for doing this!

on Monday, November 29th, Anna L. Conti said

Well, OK, I can see what you mean about not having a consistent look and feel (at first glance), but
a.) so what?
b.) it only takes and a teeny bit of thoughtful looking to see that all these works DO hang together. If a viewer can't give it that much effort, who needs'em?
I think this is the best work you've done - it's very exciting to see and I wish I was close enough to see it in person. For what it's worth, I especially like all the pieces on the right side of the "in progres gallery."

on Monday, November 29th, RR said

These are really good Elise. I'm with Shannon with the blue one but I especially love the pink one and I'm not normally someone who goes for pink - but it just has a vibrancy which is very alluring. I also think they do hang together.

on Monday, November 29th, Elise said

Wow, thanks for all of the encouragement. I wish that you were all coming to the opening!

A. Because I'm afraid I will have a dismal turn out, and B. because the paintings really do look 10 times better in person. I'm going to try and find a way to doctor the images in PhotoShop so that you can see them with the color of blue that won't show up otherwise. It makes a dramatic difference.

Anyway, your words have given me a little shot of confidence going into the opening and that means a lot, seriously.
I do have one question though, and maybe I'll make an entire post for you think I should sign these paintings on the front or will that detract?

Particularly for the two small ones (10x10 and 10x12) the bright pink one and the bright blue one with yellow at the top...I'm not sure if a signiture on the front will be distracting or if I should just go for it, in order to be consistent.

on Monday, November 29th,">Jackie said

E: I don't think it's a requirement that a show have a "consistent look and feel" - unless it's your college master's thesis or something. Those are all artificial criteria put in place by professors who have a requirement to put a grade on your art. The only grades you'll be getting are: a)does your work generate comments from viewers? and/or b) do people buy or want to buy your paintings? Also - c) what growth/enjoyment/pain did you get from doing the work?
I think these paintings are great - and I too wish I could see them in person!
PS: sign your work on the front. No-one will see it on the back, unless they take the picture off the wall. Do you usually sign your whole name, or initials, and how large?
It's really fun to see how different these paintings are from your last body of work!

on Monday, November 29th, Elise said

oh, lots of food for thought and also I want to talk about the signing thing so I'll post a new entry.