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12/02/2004: "I can literally feel my DNA aging!"

I've asked a friend to handle sales at my opening tomorrow and she's trying to get it worked out and will probably let me know today if she can or not. However, she may be there just as a shoulder to cry on, as the prospects for my show are not looking good.

In today's arts and entertainment section there were TWENTYFIVE exhibits scheduled for tomorrow night as well as mine, which was mentioned on the back page with no images or anything (remind me next time not to tell the arts editor that I'll likely not finish on time and the work will probably suck).

Most of the people I know who I've spoken with recently are not planning on coming as there are lots of other things going on. In particular, two of my good friends are giving a lecture out here on campus and people won't easily be able to drive all the way downtown for one and then haul ass back to campus for the other. I wish I was able to go to it actually since these friends have always supported my shows in the past.

Also, the weather totally blows. Seriously. It has been rainy and windy for the longest time, non-stop. Plus, I could only afford to send out half as many invitations as usual, and didn't print out any flyers or posters. Hell, even I don't want to go!

I guess I should stop whining about it and just grin and bare it. The truth is I'm exhausted. I planned to go home and clean last night. I had the best of intentions but I kept painting little finishing touches until after 2:00am. So, I told myself I'd get up early this morning and do it before work, but there is only so little sleep a person can get and still function. Heap humiliation upon humiliation thank you very much.

Plus, tomorrow morning I have to install the show, and buy some extra goodies for the opening, and then bath and do laundry at some point. I still don't have my title cards or price list printed up. I was all set to call the Friendly Planet this morning and cancel my solo for April but a co-worker has convinced me to wait until after this opening before I make any hasty decisions.

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on Thursday, December 2nd, Marja-Leena said

Opening night nerves! Tomorrow everything will be just fine and you will enjoy yourselves. Wishing you well!

on Friday, December 3rd, Dio said

Hey Elise, good luck with the opening - i'm sure it'll go down a storm, despite some people not being able to attend.

The new work is looking good also. Yellow Land Pink Tide is my favourite a really strong and bold piece. It should be interesting to see how people respond to the change in focus of the new works. :)

on Friday, December 3rd, Elise said

Yes, I always get freaked out before a show but hopefully I won't be too much of a spaz or get too wasted at the opening. Also, I changed the the Yellow Land painting and now I'm not sure I like it as much. instead of the yellow being straight across, I wavered the line a little, and there is more of a shadow on the spots of trees. It isn't anything major but it's only a very small painting, i think it would be more dramatic on a larger scale. Perhaps I'll try that when all this is behind me.