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12/03/2004: "Dawn of the living dead..."

Oh man, I'm supposed to be at KTOO installing my show right now, I just woke up and I haven't felt this tired since I used to go days without sleeping in college. You know the feeling, like your chest actually hurts a little and you feel like you're seeing everything through a bubble. I'm going to have some coffee and then start loading up my car. I hate this part but at least it's only drizzling out this morning, and not downpouring.

Some good news is that the couple that came over to see my work last night ended up buying Young Bay #1! That's why I created another link to the In Progress gallery with the prices, they wanted a night to sleep on it and to refer back to the web page to mull it over. I got a message on my machine this morning saying that they had decided to buy it! WHOOPEE! Seriously, selling that painting makes all the difference to me, going into a show with a painting already sold averts the fear of not selling a single thing.

Now I can just kick back and enjoy the opening and if nothing else sells, I'm fine with that. I want to hug and kiss them both! My dad called me last night to give me a little pep talk and he said that if nothing sold in the first half hour of the show that he'd buy one and pay me at christmas...isn't that sweet? I was also considering doing it, which is less sweet and more pathetic but...

OK, I can't waste any more time this morning...I ended up staying up late again last night, painting all my signitures took a lot longer than I'd hoped. Also, I finished mounting the title cards and decided on a new way to display my artist statement and resume. I had a 16 x 20 thin black frame, I just cut a mat with two windows, one for the resume and one for the artist statement. It looks really nice and now from show to show I can just update the information and I'll have a way of mounting it all set to go.

OK, wish me luck and thanks to everyone as always for all the help!

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on Friday, December 3rd, David Loyd from Nebraska said


on Friday, December 3rd, holly said

Good Luck! Hope this one's as good as the last one!

on Saturday, December 4th, RR said

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

on Saturday, December 11th, Elise said

Thanks everyone!