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12/04/2004: "Bring back the naked women!"

So, I had my first radio interview, it was totally nerve wracking. If I have a phobia of talking on the phone, imagine how that is compounded by talking on the radio, into a microphone the size of my head!
I won't go into the embarassing details on that one...

As far as the show goes, my friend Julie came at the beginning and stayed with me until it closed. That was so freakin cool of her. Especially since the show opened at 4, a full hour before most people get off work, so for the longest time she and I were the only ones there!

The good news is that I did sell 6 paintings which is very cool. Julie (my friend) did an amazing job of collecting the money. She added up the sales tax, filled out the art bill of sale contracts, and wrote them up a receipt. I did end up taking one PayPal payment, but it was someone I know, who I know is good for it.

The bad news is that it felt like it got a much smaller crowd than the last show, but that could have been a matter of preception only. I mean, the space was more than twice the size. If there were 15 people in the space at the Loft Gallery, it felt crowded, where 15 people at KTOO was a drop in the bucket.

One nice thing is that people were asking questions about them all night, about the photographs and the paintings, and had some really nice things to say. One woman from Belorussia had this very intense reaction, like she was going to pass out or something, I think that's every artist's dream, to have someone, even a single person, who is deeply moved by your work. Although selling art is nice and helps pay the bills, I'd rather have one sincere reaction like that then sell every painting.

Jeff Brown, the program coordinator, helped out a lot, he brought food and wine and made balloon animals for some of the kids (really impressive ones). he also plays the musical saw (there aren't that many of us) and he gave me a musical saw pin that he had made. I think it's the coolest thing ever and I'm going to wear it everyday!

Some friends and I went out after the show to celebrate and we had a really fun time. Overall it feels like the night was a success but it hasn't left me with the same warm glow that my last show did. I can't tell you enough how happy I am that it's all over. Coming back to the house the walls seem so empty. Now comes the inevitable post-partum depression.

Oh yes, and my friend Aaron left my favorite comment of the night in my guestbook "Bring back the naked women!"

Replies: 5 Comments

on Saturday, December 4th, holly said

Hooray for you! Isn't this the show you weren't sure you could get ready? Amazing! ;)

on Saturday, December 4th, Elise said

Thanks Holly, it's practically a miracle I pulled it off, I was so insanely far behind. It felt like being back in grad school, no sleep, way way way too much coffee (and alcohol), but I followed though on my committment and I feel really good about that.

on Saturday, December 4th, Marja-Leena said

Congratulations - well done!!
Toldya you'd do it!! :D

on Monday, December 6th, RR said

You did it! Well done. Now sit back and earn the well deserved rest.... Until April! :-)

on Monday, December 6th, Elise said

Thanks guys, I can't rest too much, I don't want to ever get in the position of having to do an entire show in two weeks again. Procrastination is not going to be part of my process this time. hopefully.