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12/06/2004: "What a Quwinky Dink"

So, I ran into the same student about 6 times today...and not just on campus, but also at the bank, and then again at the pet store where he was buying food for his love bird (that is really beautiful). I gave him a ride back to Auk Bay Harbor where he lives on his boat the Calisto, which is actually pictured on my Life in Alaska page from when it belonged to someone else.

I'd always wanted to see the inside, it has an interesting design with two hatches, one for the cabin and a second for the v berth. He told me what the design was called but I've already forgotten it. Anyway, he invited me aboard to take a look. It was so warm and cozy. I've always thought that living on a sailboat in a beautiful harbor like the one in Auk Bay would be ideal. A lot of people live on their boats here, and students in particular because it's cheaper than paying rent on an apartment. We had a nice talk, I had hung out with him before after my opening at the Loft, we have some mutual friends etc. but I was pretty wasted at the time and don't remember a whole lot of our previous conversation.

It's nice to meet someone who is as into sailing as I am though. He wants to get into more racing next summer and is also talking about going to the Boardwalk Boogie in Pelican. He said that he's interested in commissioning me at some point to paint a picture of his sailboat, which I think would be great as it's such an interesting looking boat.

I ran into him again as I was leaving from work tonight, I drove him to the grocery store to buy eggnog, brandy, and a copy of the new harry potter movie (which I'm embarassed to admit I've been looking forward to seeing). He invited me back to his boat to watch it and have some drinks, which was really tempting, but then I remembered I had to get home to feed my two cats. Lame I know, but my vet just put them on a special diet since one of them is muy gorda so I had to take a rain check.

Maybe we'll get another chance to hang out sometime. lord knows I could use a few more friends. As it is, I'm in danger of turning into a total hermit.

Replies: 4 Comments

on Friday, December 10th, Dave from Nebraska said

This is so cool!
I can't believe no one has made any comments.
Well, I don't think you asked any questions in this post so I offer no answers.
Please keep us up to date.

on Friday, December 10th, Elise said

I'm not sure what you found so cool.

Running into the same person so many times?
Living on a sailboat?
Wanting to watch Harry Potter?

Just kidding, I was just curious as to what struck you in this post and what you wanted me to keep you up to date on.

on Saturday, December 11th, RR said

I agree with Dave, It's that whole, beginnings of a new friendship thing. Your post could be the opening scenes from a novel or a movie, so I guess you've set the scene and hooked the reader :-)

on Saturday, December 11th, Elise said

You know, I've always wanted to write a book or screen play based on a harbor community and the people who live on their boats. Just knowing that you think I can set a scene and hook readers (even if unintentionally) is a nice boost to my confidence. Thanks!!