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12/16/2004: "The Year in Review (i.e. how to put things in perspective and not to be such a drama queen)"

OK, I went a little round the bend yesterday, apologies all around. Believe it or not I am trying to be less negative. I tend to have fairly dramatic mood swings and sometimes things feel more traumatizing than they actually are.

I read Howard’s most recent entry and I like the way he re-capped all the progress that he’s made over the year, a way of focusing on the positive and not dwelling on short-comings so I’m going to do the same.

So here are my top 10 art related accomplishments for the year. I have:

1. Taken over 500 photographs, completed 15+ drawings (not counting sketches and thumbnails), as well as finished 30 oil paintings, (and sold 19 including commissions).

2. Started a collection of artist trading cards.

3. Created this blog roughly a year ago (Nov. 19th 2003)

4. Increased monthly visits to my website from less than 2,000 (Jan. 2004) to over 6,000 (Nov. 2004) with monthly hits going from 28,000 to 100,000 in the same time span.

5. Participated in one group show and had 2 solo exhibits this year plus worked at two art related charity events.

6. Started keeping better records and reinvested profits into new studio equipment including the Adobe suite of pro video and photo editing software, a professional mat cutter, a shrink wrap system, and a higher end digital camera.

7. Had my first archival Giclee’ prints made.

8. Designed business cards for the first time.

9. Developed my own mailing list with over 300 names.

10. Attended my first opening where I didn’t get drunk :crazy: !

Replies: 5 Comments

on Thursday, December 16th, Marja-Leena said

Wow, you really have accomplished a great deal and deserve to be proud of that. Congratulations and keep up the great work, you're still young!

on Thursday, December 16th, Elise said

Thanks Marja-Leena, I think it's a great exercise for all of us, to assess what our accomplishments have been for the year then plan where we'd like to go next.

I'm going to map out some specific goals for 2005 over the holiday break. I always work better when I have something specific to shoot for.

You seem to be doing an incredible amount of work yourself! ...and such beautiful work!

on Friday, December 17th, Dio said

I'm not even going to attempt that - it'd be too depressing for me. :(

But hats off to yourself - that's some good stuff gone on there, and I'm sure an equally productive year is just on the horizon. :)

on Friday, December 17th, Elise said

I don't believe that for a second Dio! You've posted an incredible number of photos ect. on your site this year and some cool paintings too. (Not to mention Elis, your best work to date :P )

I do have one request for the new year though.... More Pin Head paintings please!

on Saturday, December 18th, RR said

What a productive and successful year you have had- it's great, well done. And what a good way to put things into perspective. I might try it myself.