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01/11/2005: "The days are getting lighter but..."

So, it starts off with a notice that my electricity is going to get shut off today. It has been below zero degrees F (-17C) and still gets dark really early so I had to drive out to the power company and beg them for mercy (really humiliating). :blush:

Next, my car got snowed into my driveway, the switch that locks the hubcaps so I can get into 4-wheel drive were frozen over with ice....and my only snow shovel blew away in our last 100+ mile an hour winds that we had while I was out of town visiting my family in Nebraska. Heavy wind, record rain hit Juneau (more predicted for tonight and tomorrow so I can probably kiss my mailbox goodbye again as well). :cry:

Which reminds me, I also couldn't shovel the 2ft snow berm the street plow dumped right in front of my mailbox so it's probably a moot point anyway. (or a moo point as Joey would say). I got the little threat from the mail carrier that he won't deliver any more mail to my box until I shovel. He did leave one piece of mail today though, a lovely bill from the hospital in Nebraska where I spent Christmas eve, for nearly $3,000.00! (They had to do a CAT scan). There was also the line that said "Portion your insurance will cover: $0.00". :confused:

Then, I got in my 11 year old tracker to go to work this morning and the heater finally decided to quit working. So, when the windows frosted over on the drive into work (from the inside) my only recourse was to stop every so often to use my ice scraper which made it appear to be snowing inside my vehicle. :plain:

I got to work late only to realize it was the first day of Faculty Convocation, the big (mandatory) pep rally thrown at the start of each semester by the Chancellor, Provost, Deans, etc. and I had to walk into it *way* late with no place to sit, only to discover that all the regular coffee was gone and all they had left was decaff! :angry:

Here's to hoping things will look up tomorrow! :satisfied:

PS. I've just started watching that Joss Whedon (guy who wrote Buffy) series "Firefly". It's already off the air but a friend loaned me their box set of the first and only season. It's *really* good. I can't believe it got dumped so early. It's like a space cowboy soap opera with really interesting plots and good writing.

Replies: 3 Comments

on Tuesday, January 11th, Dave from Nebraska said

Oh Man!
You gotta be kidding, only decaf?

on Tuesday, January 11th, Elise said

I KNOW DAVE! I mean, the nerve!!!

on Wednesday, January 12th, Dio said

My goodness! What a nightmare! Tomorrow can only be better (unless there's a nuclear holocaust over night...) :cry: