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01/18/2005: "Perks of Living Next Door to a Bar"

So, a Big snow hits Juneau, finally; my mailbox/driveway looks exactly like the one in the photo!

We've gotten an insane amount of snow, I hurt my back trying to shovel it all on Monday, now more snow on Tuesday; I didn't go to work today so more snow collected around my car this afternoon. Tonight I thought I'd go out and see if I could get my hub caps locked so I could get into 4-wheel drive or else I'll need to call my friend Jen to give me a ride into work tomorrow, but if she does that, I won't be able to submit my painting into the Eros exhibit, which extended its submission's deadline due to the big storm.

While I was out trying , this drunk guy starting to stumble home from the bar, stops and offers to help. He thinks I can just hit reverse and get right out. Well, I couldn't...and got really really stuck. He ran back into the bar (Louie's) and got some buddies to come back out. Now I have five drunk guys trying to help. One (who wasn't drunk actually) was Forest my neighbor from across the street who actually seems incredibly cool.

It ended up taking a long time with shoveling and pushing and more shoveling and cussin and then Forest offering to do the driving and finally getting out only to get stuck in the bar's parking lot. They practically ended up pushing me all the way to the Douglas Depot, a gas station, as I also happened to be on empty.

I hate being that type of helpless woman needing the help of the big strong men, but I gotta tell ya, it was really really nice to have them there when I needed them because I really had no clue what to do and my back was hurting, and they really stuck it out, saw it through. I would have gone back to Louie's and bought them a round, only I don't have a penny to my name at the moment...oh, and then there's the social phobia thing...

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on Wednesday, January 19th, RR said

Now that's what I call snow. We got a little yesterday but it was mostly gone by the end of the day! Even so, there were arguments and complaints gallore about the gritters not operation and roads not being kept clear. I wonder how we'd survive if it snowed like it does in Alaska. But then again maybe with global warming, we'll never know. Sounds like you have these men wrapped around your finger Elise - you should have pleaded poverty earlier and got them to buy you a drink!! :-)

on Wednesday, January 19th, Elise said

Nah, they was no finger wrapping going on, just some very friendly, helpful people in the neighborhood.

There's more snow forecast for today and they're finally calling a snow day, which hasn't happened here in a long long time.

Nothing was closed yesterday, for example, when that photo from the previous story was taken.

However, the university is not closed so I still have to go into work today. The university *never* calls a snow day, seems so unfair.