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01/19/2005: "Eros and Snow"

Well, my truck seems very messed up and Fred the bodyshop guy who was going to take a look at my 4-wheel drive today, is going home sick. So, my poor little piece of crap is stranded over at the gas station and my friend is going to give me a ride into work this morning. She's even agreed to stop over at the JAHC Gallery to drop off my entry for the Eros and Art show.

It's funny but I feel a little nervous about her (or anyone really) seeing this painting. I mean, it's not that explicit or anything, but it is "erotic" after all (or at least I hope it is), and I guess I just have to get over it. Also, it's not really finished. I just stuck it in a frame and I'll let them judge it that way and then if possible, I'll finish it up before the show in Feb.

I remember when Rick and I did the "Penetrated Structures" exhibit about voyuerism and how uncomfortable it was for me when my boss and all my co-workers came to the opening because those paintings really were explicit.

Anyway, here's how it looks at the moment. Any thoughts?

eros (44k image)

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on Thursday, January 20th, Dave from Nebraska said

No comments yet??
I guess we are still catching our breath.
Geeze Elise!
Nice work!

on Thursday, January 20th, Elise said

Thanks a lot Dave!

I was starting to get a bit of a complex over this one. When I dropped it off at the gallery, a friend who works there who really loves my stuff usually and has purchased several pieces said "let me look at it" and then looked and basically had no response. Not a negative response, not a positive one, her face was pretty much expressionless, as was her assistant's who took the piece and had me fill out the entry form.

No response to me is worse than a negative response.

So I'm glad that you like it at least, but I've seen from your site that you've done some erotica as well so maybe it's an acquired taste?

Anyway, the piece was done especially for an erotica show and I won't know for awhile if it was accepted into the show or not so wish me luck.

on Saturday, January 22nd, subi said

i love this!!!! no wonder you're in....when yr finished with the show...sigh...Stella would love a small painting ;) no pressure :hehe:

on Saturday, January 22nd, Elise said

You're sweet Subi, and of course I'll do a painting for beautiful Stella! I have two more shows coming up this year and then I'm taking some time off from exhibiting so it might not be for awhile but it will come.