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01/20/2005: "Image chosen for book cover!"

I got an email last night from an editor for the Oxford University Press asking if they could use one of my images for the cover of an academic book they're publishing about the Antichrist and Apocalypse. The piece they're going to use is a collagraphic print I did in college called "Mark of the Beast"...pictured below. I'm pretty excited about it actually.

On a different note, the judging for the Eros show was last night and I'm not sure how they will be notifying artists as to whether or not they made the cut but I'm still waiting to hear.

If my piece didn't make it into the show, at least I have this other positive development to ease the pain.

mark_beast_detail (122k image)

Replies: 4 Comments

on Thursday, January 20th, holly said

Oh, now that's extremely cool (the opportunity AND the picture, actually)! Congrats! How did they find this print?

(and good luck on the judging)

on Thursday, January 20th, Elise said

It's actually posted in one of my web galleries, they probably found it doing a google image search for "mark of the beast".

And thanks for the luck on the judging...I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my expectations low!

on Saturday, January 22nd, subi said

:O wow! that is sooo cool!!! youre gonna be famous!!!!

on Saturday, January 22nd, Elise said

Well, I wouldn't go that far but it is kindof neato bandito.