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01/30/2005: "Wicked Little Town"

Oh holy shit, I just got back from Hedwig and the Angry Inch and the performance was incredible. I had some reservations, I'm so used to seeing John Cameron Mitchell as Hedwig I just couldn't see how anyone else could pull it off, I was wrong! This guy here in Juneau named Rory Merritt Stitt played Hedwig and it was truly amazing. He was the *perfect* hedwig, petite, beautifully shaped legs, a pretty face showing a little wear and tear, and his voice, DAMN! his voice was outstanding (and i don't gush easily) and the band literally rocked the house down. The production was so professional, funny, tragic, and overall moving that I was left hoarse from screaming.

My favorite song "Wicked Little Town" was played so beautifully it brought tears to my eyes. My friend Micheal Maas did a fantastic job on the keyboards for that one as well; the entire band was perfectly cast, incredibly talented musicians and singers. Everything was just perfect, perfect, perfect. I'm going to go again next weekend, I'm going to usher for it with Amelia and Jennifer so we can see it again for free.

And you know, to be free you need to leave a tiny piece of yourself behind!