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02/04/2005: "Show Time!"

Here's *my* idea of a perfect Friday night:

Leave work a little early, walk over to the Douglas Cafe for some take away yummies (my favorite is their spicy corn chowder with fresh baked bread) go home and jump into my fav flannel jammies the second I walk in the door, eat dinner in the living room while watching the new Battlestar Galactica, (yes, I've decided to embrace my inner nerd) afterwards, have a couple of glasses of red wine while painting and listening to music and finally, fall asleep on the couch at around 2 or 3 am with my two kitties curled up on my lap.

Instead I'm meeting a group of friends down at the JAHC Gallery where I'm a part of that jurried show of erotic art. There will be lots of people, shmoozing, and general feelings of discomfort. The same group of us will go check out the other openings around town, then have dinner at the Hangar on the Wharf, and finally, I'll help a couple friends usher the midnight showing of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Now, that was an incredible show, so I'm not unhappy about being able to see it again (for free) it's just that something overtakes me on Friday afternoon, an overwhelming desire to be alone.

Plus, I'm really getting excited about starting work on the new series for April (I know I've had some false starts in the past but this time I really mean it). I did that canvas re-shrinking trick Anna Conti mentioned (thanks Anna) and now I have a perfect 30" x 40" canvas just waiting to be ravished.

Oh well, I guess it can wait until tomorrow.

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on Sunday, February 6th, RR said

How was the art show?

on Sunday, February 6th, Elise said

There were quite a few good shows I got to go to. The Eros one was pretty good, it was just way too crowded, and I stayed for almost an hour...I had several people come up and tell me how much they liked the piece. Another artist I'd never met before came up and introduced herself, that was nice.

One strange thing is that I don't think a single piece at the Eros show sold, at least not while I was there...and there were some excellent pieces. Maybe it's the subject matter?

Anyway, thanks for asking!