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02/13/2005: "Finally, a start..."

Well, it was the most gorgeous weekend ever...some light fluffy snows but mostly bright sunny skies. I really felt like going skiing or snow shoeing or something outdoors but instead I stayed home and painted like a mad woman all weekend. I took this photo (handheld) from out my kitchen window...I think it looks nice; click on it to get it in wallpaper size.

snowy-mountain-top-thumb (55k image)

The good news is that I had a goal to start 3 new paintings this weekend and I did. I've posted them below, just remember that they are just at the underpainting stage at the moment. The first and third images are 24"x36" and the middle one is 18"x24". So, along with the 30"x40" one of the woman up to her waist in the yellow grasses, this brings me up to four works in progress. If I can keep this pace up for another week or so, there's a chance I just might be able to pull this show off after all.

napping-fiddle (33k image)

pier-base (36k image)

trio (31k image)

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on Monday, February 14th, Howard said

That's quite the view from your window. All I see out of my windows is the side of another building.
The paintings look like they're off to a great start.

on Monday, February 14th, Elise said

I did take that picture out my kitchen window but I should clarify that I was using my new camera with the 12x optical, it is a picture of the mountaintop across the channel from me.

As for the paintings, they are only a start so I feel pretty good about them too...though it's hard sometimes to post things that aren't finished, seems like revealing an ugly secret, that things don't always look very good when you're just starting them.

on Monday, February 14th, Dave from Nebraska said

Nice images!
The view from your window is wonderful. What kind of camera are you using? Did you buy the Panasonic? And thank you for sharing your works in progress. Nice images and colors.
I read Hollys blog on a regular basis. She had a link today that just missed this page.

on Monday, February 14th, Dave from Nebraska said

Here's the link.

on Monday, February 14th, Dave from Nebraska said

Happy Valentines Day!

on Tuesday, February 15th, Elise said

Hi Dave,
I wrote this nice response then hit the reset button as opposed to the submit button. Crumb.

so, briefly...the image was taken with the Panasonic, which I'm very happy with. I didn't even use a tripod for that shot, the camera has great image stabalization software and a leica lens.

I'll check out that link when I get the chance, and Happy Valentines Day to you as well!