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02/16/2005: "Shake, Rattle, and Roll"

when I lived in Anchorage we had earthquakes all the time, and it would be scary but after they were over, kind of exciting. I haven't felt any since moving to Juneau, (and I don't have earthquake insurance) but we did have the largest US earthquake for 2004, a magnitude 6.8 in southeastern Alaska (where I live) though I wasn't in town when it happened.

2004 has also been the *deadliest* year for earthquakes in the past 500 years. Alaska has had 3 of the largest magnitude earthquakes worldwide since 1900, with two more of the top ten occuring right across the way in Kamchatka (the Russian far East). We at least have a very advanced Tsunami system, developed after a tsunami here in 1964 that followed a 9.2 quake.

Anyway, I got this email from my sister Jenny in Anchorage at 11:00am today:

"Hi there. We just had 2 earthquakes within 3 minutes of each other. The first was only a 2.0 but it was 9 miles from Anchorage. It was enough to rattle things in the house. I grabbed the baby and made a dash to the door. Then I was so scared I got his diaper bag, car seat, coat and blanket right next to the door just in case. I also wrapped him up in case I had to run. Then the next one hit. It was further away and has not been given a magnitude yet. I hate these darn things. Anyway, I didnít put Xander down for almost 2 hours afterward! Looks like things are good now.

Love ya,


O my goodness. I am on the earthquake website and there were 27 earthquakes in Alaska so far today, and its only 11am! 10 in the Cook Inlet region. And actually, the 2.o was only 15 minutes ago, I didnít feel that one. The one I felt was at 9:35 am ,4.7 magnitude and only 8 miles from Anchorage. Good thing we have earthquake insurance!!!!

This is kinda funÖor scary I guess. As I am writing this I refreshed the website and there have been 3 more (aftershocks I suppose) in the last 7 minutes, including a 3.7 only 7 miles from Anchorage. Do you see a pattern here? First 9 miles away, then 8 now 7 Ö.Iím getting out of town "

Me again...Here is another interesting article from the LA times called Alaska, Land of the Lost.

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on Thursday, February 17th, Markus Barca said

I was on my computer reading the news when the shaking started. It was probably not the wisest thing to do, but I just sat in my chair debating with myself whether to get up and take cover or not. By the time I reached a conclusion the shaking had already stopped.

on Thursday, February 17th, Elise said

So, you live right in Anchorage then Markus? Do you have an earthquake survival kit in your car? I know I'm a bit on the neurotic side but I always had two when I lived in Anchorage, one for my truck and one for my apartment. It helped me sleep better at night.

on Thursday, February 17th, Markus Barca said

Yeah, I live in wonderful Anchorage (sarcasm can be hard to detect by merely reading it :) ).

Itís probably a good idea to keep an earthquake kit in your car (or your home for that matter). Being neurotic about being prepared for an earthquake should be considered a virtue. Unfortunately, that's not a virtue I possess.

on Thursday, February 17th, Elise said

Well, when I lived in Anchorage I was over-prepared perhaps, but here in Juneau I'm definitely in the same sinking boat (or yawning crevasse) as you are. There is a faultline (the Denali) that runs through Southeast and yet I have *zero* coverage on my house in case one actually happens. Nor do I currently have any kind of survival bag in my car or home. But I'll tell you what, I'm going to change that asap. Maybe you should too!
(also, set up a plan as to where you'll meet your loved ones in case you're away from home when one happens, like with fires).