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02/18/2005: "Lunch at the Glacier"

Well, lately I've started carrying my camera with me at all times. I keep it in the same leather bag as my money and driver's license. Today I went out to the Glacier during my lunch's only about a 5 minute drive from campus.

This first photo was taken from my car in the campus parking lot. It was pretty out because it was foggy but there was also sunlight. The second one is a zoomed in detail of the top of the mountain in the first photo; I think it looks like a woman lying on her side. The other three were taken out at the Mendenhall Glacier.

parkinglot (44k image)

1-snow (41k image)

glacier (54k image)

glacier2 (45k image)

2-snow (33k image)

Replies: 3 Comments

on Sunday, February 20th, RR said

Wow, I'm speachless!

on Sunday, February 20th, Dio said

Wow - speechless also! And I thought I was lucky to be close to a graveyard to go for my lunchbreaks!

on Sunday, February 20th, Elise said

I admit it's gorgeous here, but I've traveled through Wales and Scotland and I was just as speechless over the landscapes there, (not to mention the castles and amazing old graveyards!)