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02/21/2005: "The Ethics of Artistic Cannibalism"

I'm feeling guilty tonight because I painted over the cats in the piece I did for the KTOO charity exhibit that opens next Friday (image posted on January 23rd entry). The piece wasn't working and rather than contribute a painting I wasn't that happy with, I thought I could change it a bit and it would fit with my next series of work for the April 1st opening (which I'm in desperate need of). I like it *much* better now, with the harmonica player.

I have a harmonica and it is one of the few instruments I was never able to really learn, hard as I tried I never got beyond "Swing Low Sweet Chariot". I have a huge amount of respect for people who can really play the harmonica, bend notes, etc. If I have time I'll do another piece for the charity auction.

Anyway, again, my apologies for the dark grainy photo...the flowers should be pink fireweed color, not dark red. I'll post better images of these when I get my new "Works in Progress" gallery up and going.

harmonica (44k image)

On another note, I've been watching a marathon of "Amazing new evidence" programs on SciFi channel tonight about various UFO crash site investigations. What do you think guys? Is the truth out there?

Replies: 3 Comments

on Tuesday, February 22nd, holly said

You painted over cats?!?!? *splutter* I'm shocked, just shocked. And they were so fluffy and cute...

on Tuesday, February 22nd, Elise said

I *know*... I felt really crappy about it.

I guess these are the kinds of "Sophie's Choice" decisions one has to resort to when one is a pathological procrastinator.

(or were you being sarcastic?)

Since I used my own two cats as the models for the original painting, I feel like I've wronged them in some way...silly, I know.

on Wednesday, February 23rd, holly said

I think you should have had the cats playing the harmonica- a fish-shaped one. No, wait...that's B. Kliban...