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02/27/2005: "Cat and Dog Show"

As I mentioned earlier, I painted over the original piece that I did for the Cat and Dog show at KTOO...and since all sales from the show go to charity, I felt guilty for not entering anything for it so tonight I did a small painting for the show (12x16). It's of my cat Osiris, looking out the window at a raven. There are a lot of them in my neighborhood and they are definitely my cat's favorite bird.

Anyway, the photo is blurry but you get the idea...

So, I have a specific question for this the center line from the window distracting. My option is to paint out the middle line, and then add another line down the right. I've photoshopped the second painting to show you what I mean. Opinions appreciated.

raven-cat (30k image)

raven-cat3 (30k image)

Replies: 6 Comments

on Monday, February 28th, Anna L. Conti said

move the line

on Monday, February 28th, Howard said

yeah the second one looks better.

on Monday, February 28th,">SB said

Between the two, the second is better, agree. Only because line is so dead-center in cat's head.

on Monday, February 28th, subi said

i agree with 'being'...i like the line but not going seemingly into cat's head...there's a name for that in photography but i can't remember what it is :confused: anyhoo, i really really like this painting! very cool!

on Monday, February 28th, subi said

btw, maybe a four-pane window could offset the illusion of that line?

on Monday, February 28th, Elise said

Thanks for the unanimous decision. I've repainted it with the line moved, which is how I was leaning anyway, and it does look better.

I thought about adding another line to create a 4-pane window but I really don't have a lot of time to mess about with this piece, as entries are due in a couple of days and it still needs to dry.

I'll post another picture of it when it's 100% finished.