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03/06/2005: "Eagle Outside My Window"

Well, I now have nine new paintings started, but none finished. I love to start paintings but finishing them is less fun. None of them seem to be working as well now as I thought they were when I started them. I feel frustrated and a little bit panicked because I'm running out of time and Rick will be coming in a couple weeks and if I'm not farther along than I am now, we won't be able to go to Anchorage for Easter break. I went from being excited about the new pieces, to thinking they all suck. How did this happen?

On another note, I took this photo a few minutes ago of an eagle in a tree right outside my kitchen window. It's not the best, I was rushing because I wanted to get it before he flew away and as you can see, I barely made it in time.

eagle (27k image)

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on Sunday, March 6th, holly said

Whoa! That's incredible!

And here I've been all excited because I've got a new family of titmice...

on Sunday, March 6th, dave from Nebraska said

VERY cool.
I just came back from Kearney Nebraska. We saw thousands of Sandhill Cranes flying over us coming from the Platte River to feed in the fields across the highway.
Also a few large bird carcasses along the road. Eagle leftovers perhaps?

on Sunday, March 6th, Elise said

I see tons of eagles everyday when I drive into work, they love to congregate near the wetlands, and if it's windy you'll see them playing on the wind currents.

I've seen mating couples as well, they lock together high up in the air and then plunge down towards the earth and seperate at the last possible moment.

Still, I get a lot more ravens in my neighborhood than eagles so this shot was a nice treat.

I love sandhill cranes by the way, they're so pre-historic looking. That must have been quite a sight!

I'll have to do a google image search on titmice, as I have no idea what they look like. I think any critters in the hood are interesting to watch.

on Monday, March 7th, RR said

That's fantastic!! You are so lucky to be able to see them.