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03/07/2005: "YIKES! I need to pick an image for the invitations!!!"

Well, I realized today that I only have 3 weeks until my show opens. Currently I have 10 partially completed paintings. 7 that deal with the figure and folk music etc. and 3 that are strict landscapes. With so little time remaining, I need to pick one image to finish so I can use it for the postcard invites which I haven't designed yet. I'll need to do this super quickly, as I need to have time to get them back from the printer, addressed, stamped and in the mail at least a week before the opening. I really have no idea which one to use. I was considering finishing the one below, as it is probably the farthest along of any of them. (sorry, it's a little blurry, I really need to start using my tripod).

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Was there a painting for this series that you saw earlier that would work better? I'm open to anything at this point. Even a plain white postcard that says something like "maybe, maybe not". I have seriously lost my joo joo, and at the worst possible time.

violin-fireweed (44k image)

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on Monday, March 7th, Joan said

My vote is for the woman playing the musical saw. It draws me in - makes me want to see more. I feel more energy from it compared to the sleeping gal or the harmonica lady. This is coming from a "non-artist."

on Monday, March 7th, Nietzscheswife said

Can I just say that I love this painting and that I think the selection of colors is quite compelling?

If I were to get an invite, this is the image I would like to see. :D

on Tuesday, March 8th, Elise said

I hadn't thought of the woman playing the saw but that is a possibility as well.

I'm glad that you like this one Nietzscheswife, it isn't finished yet either but I guess that between the two there would be a different vibe. I guess it would be easy to finish them both up this week and then try to decide.

on Tuesday, March 8th, Elise said

Actually, I just remembered that the place where I'm having the show always prints up little colored posters to post around town, maybe I can use one image for the invites, and a different one for the posters. I think that's what I did the last time I had a show there.

on Wednesday, March 9th, Jackie said

E: I'd vote for this image - especially since you said it's closest to done. But also because I like the colors too - they're pizzazzy. How soon do you have to pick the one for the posters? If I were you, I'd wait as long as possible for that one, so I could choose which painting represented the body of work you will be showing - or your fave. Good luck!

on Wednesday, March 9th, Elise said

Thanks Jackie, that's good advice, I think I'll add current versions of everything to my "works in progress" gallery just to get an idea of where I'm at and how all these new pieces are going to tie together.