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03/13/2005: "Works in Progress"

Well, it's only noon on Sunday and I've already finished a couple of paintings...I'm posting them in my new In Progress gallery. I've decided to use the woman playing musical saw for the invitations, since that one is pretty much finished and I'm not finished with the woman lying down with her fiddle yet. I'm going to start working on that one now so who knows, if I finish it I might change my mind.

Either way, I'll use a different image for flyers.

Also, the other 3 images in my In Progress gallery are all landscapes, but they're the *only* landscapes in the show. I find the pieces with figures take 10 times as long to complete, but those are the one's I'll be working on this afternoon.

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on Monday, March 14th,">Jackie said

E: Huh? I can't find your "IN Progress" gallery!!! Where is it?

on Monday, March 14th, Elise said

Hmmm, in the sentance where I say "I'm posting them to my in progress galler" the words "in progress" should link to the gallery. If that isn't working the actual location is

Sorry about that, I wonder why that link isn't showing up for you?

on Monday, March 14th,">Jackie said

E: Wierd. After I sent you the blog comment, and tried clicking on your link again, it worked. Constipated Internet, maybe? Cool - my fave is the lady with the fiddle.! I'll try to give more substantive comments later :)

on Monday, March 14th, Elise said

Thanks Jackie, I actually had already made the invites using the saw painting so maybe I'll use the fiddle woman for the flyers.

on Wednesday, March 16th, YOUR DADDY said

I I think your ready 4 South PARK lov DAD

on Thursday, March 17th, Elise said

I lov U 2 daddy!