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03/17/2005: "Mmmmm...Crabs"

We've had sunny weather for days wonderful. For lunch yesterday I went to Auke Rec, which is only a 3 minute drive from campus (I timed it) it's a wonderful beach for picnicking and bon firing and kite flying while your dog runs about. I realized that I don't go "Out The Road" much (the road that leads out of town about 20 miles and then ends with a big sign that says "End of Road").

It runs along a beautiful set of beaches with amazing vistas and when I first moved here, friends and I used to go out to places like Auke Rec and Eagle Beach all the time. I realized that I want to do more of that this summer. Last summer I was invited out to a number of bon fires and camping trips and I declined them all to stay home and paint.

I never feel lonlier than when I'm walking down a beach by myself. Another pledge to not be quite so reclusive now that spring is on. I did take a couple snaps with my camera (as always) while I was eating my lunch. Those red dots in the first one are markers for people's crab pots. Yummy!

Today I'm washing linens and working on the trio painting. I've been having a tough time with it. I decided to keep the one musician as an upright base player, but (as someone suggested) have her looking forward more.

Oh yah, I got a reminder message from the city museum as well that I better get down there and start working on the piece I committed to doing. I'll start that tomorrow. I don't think I'll do fresco after all, I need to do something quick and easy. I'm completely tapped for ideas though. It has to be 12x12. Wish me luck!

auke-rec (50k image)

auke-rec3 (63k image)

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on Friday, March 18th, Jackie said

E: These pics make me so homesick... I can taste the crab, fresh out of the pot, cooked in a bubbling cauldron over the wood fire! We used to cook crab on the beach, and it was so sweet and good - you didn't miss not having the butter to dip it in!

on Friday, March 18th, Elise said

mmmm, you're making me hungry. I've never cooked crab on the beach but what a great idea. Maybe I'll get the chance to do that this summer!

on Wednesday, March 23rd, Michèle said

I just came across your blog and wanted to tell you how beautiful the photos are!

on Wednesday, March 23rd, Elise said

Hi Michele,
Glad you like the photos...the truth is that I live in such a gorgeous place that any idiot with a digital camera can take beautiful shots.

If you go to the blog's archives and click on...Feb. I think, I have some cool shots of the glacier near the university where I work.