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03/19/2005: "Works *still* in progress"

This afternoon I went to the city museum and worked on my 12x12 piece. It was fun seeing everyone's work plus it looked more like an artist's studio than a museum, with drop cloths, stools, coffee cups, and a big stereo and lots of activity going on. I got to meet a couple other artists who were there to work on their pieces plus there were patrons coming in the whole time to check the show out.

There will be a lot more artists working tomorrow afternoon because it's the last weekend before the opening (March 25th). I'm not sure if I'll go back. I got far enough on my piece that I could call it finished if I have to. I know I could make it much better but I feel like I should be putting in the time on my show, the days keep ticking away.

Speaking of which, I added a few more images to my "in progress" gallery. Plus, I haven't added it yet but I totally changed the piece with the harmonica player. It's funny, I tried soooo hard to make it work but there was just something about it that wasn't right. Sometimes it's easier to just start over.

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on Tuesday, March 22nd, Sammy B said

I agree that sometimes we spend more time trying to fix a problem than it would take to just start over and do it right the first time.

on Tuesday, March 22nd, Elise said

That's true for more than just art.