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03/24/2005: "Rick is here!"

douglas-harbor (52k image)
Rick and I walked down to the Douglas Harbor to meet Rozinante.

on-top-of-the-world (39k image)
Then I forced him to pose ala "I'm the King of the World" and promised him that no one else would ever see it! :laugh:

moon2 (24k image)
There was another gorgeous moon rise as well. After our walk and after jump starting my tracker because he left the lights on...(people in Alaska leave their headlights on at all times, even on sunny days) we went out for burgers across the street at the Douglas Cafe and then next door to louie's for a beer.

He's jet lagged from the 4 hour time difference but we still made it through the US version of "the Office"; it isn't *as* funny as the British version but it wasn't horrible. They follow the original program's dialog to the letter, except they use North American references. Anyway, tomorrow we plan to head up to Anchorage. Yee haw

Oh yah, today's lead story in the Juneau Empire says that the Friendly Planet (where I was to have my show) is going out of business and closing for good due to the road construction. That totally sucks and seems very unfair; I'm currently writing a letter to the editor and would encourage any Juneauites out there to do so as well!

There's a chance I can show my work at Centennial Hall during the Alaska Folk Festival (that's the building where folk fest is held), someone is looking into it for me. I think that would be wonderful but it starts in roughly two weeks so that puts some pressure back on to get things finished up. I've kindof already changed gears, I haven't painted since I found out about the show being cancelled and it has been relaxing.

Replies: 9 Comments

on Friday, March 25th, Jen said

hey Elise!

gorgeous pictures! I missed you at Louies! We went out there after my game, (which we lost :hehe:)

Just checkin' in! Have fun in Anchorage. Jen

on Friday, March 25th, subi said

Oh wow you guys i am so jealous!!! those pics are beautiful!!!! have a wonderful visit Rick!!!! love&miss you both!!!

on Friday, March 25th, Elise said

Thanks for letting us use your car for the jump start Jen, too bad about the game but you'll win the next one!

Subi do, we miss you too!

on Tuesday, March 29th, RR said

Hello to Rick :-) And I was really sorry to read about the show being cancelled. Have a great holiday instead and take in more of those wonderful views.

on Tuesday, March 29th, Elise said

Thanks RR, we're back in Juneau now and we're having a very relaxing time. Now I've had a couple of alternative spaces turn up but my desire to see this through has diminished. Oh well...the work isn't going anywhere.

on Tuesday, March 29th, holly said

Hi Rick! Now go home so we can have Elise back! ;)

(Hope you're having a wonderful visit)

on Wednesday, March 30th, Elise said

Well Holly, I told Rick that you wanted him to leave and so he did. :P

Actually, it feels good to be missed!

on Wednesday, March 30th, dave from Nebraska said

Way to go Holly..

on Wednesday, March 30th, holly said

Behold my power and tremble...