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04/09/2005: "Short Attention Span Theatre"

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Lacking inspiration is the worst but there can also be the dillema of have *too many* ideas, which is what's happening to me right now.

I took some photos of the mystery object (see below) the other day and tonight I used PhotoShop to create multiple abstractions from parts of a single photograph that I'd like to use as studies for larger paintings. I've also sketched out two new painting series having to do with reflection and shadows. Plus I still have to finish up the bluegrass show and I want to start this other photography project using body parts and extreme perspective.

I can't decide which to start first, and since I can't choose, I'm not doing anything!

Well, that's not true...I've been playing my guitar a lot...and I've been trying to teach myself Flash. I went to the Sundance Online Film Festival and watched this year's winners including some pieces by experimental digital artists that blew me away. God, I'd love to do some little Flash movies with photos and words and interactivity.

AHHHHH Somebody make it stop, or at least slow's gotta be the sun. I'll get you Daylight Savings! And your little dog Toto too!

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on Sunday, April 10th, greg said

Great site link - thanks!

How are you learning Flash? Book/manual and tutorial CD? Class? How is it working? I think if that is a direction for me I need to take a real class ...manuals can work for me but it's a drag ...!

on Sunday, April 10th, Elise said

I bought Macromedia Studio MX which came with the Flash software, as well as a manual on how to use it, as well as a couple of built in tutorials.

There are also free Flash tutorials all over the web. I'm considering taking a class next Fall if I can't figure out on my own before then.