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04/11/2005: "Flash..."

OK, don't expect much, but here's the little bit of flash animation I figured out how to do this afternoon.

Let me know if it works for you or not, it's my first ever attempt at this and I'm not really sure what I'm doing yet.

Also, it seems you've given up on the mystery photo so I'll tell you what it was, a close-up of some rhubarb leaves that are just starting to open. The photo below is of the entire plant, I used a close up section of the lowest leaf. Mystery solved! Click on the one below to see a huge stylized version of one leaf that looks really cool!

rhubarb-mid (80k image)

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on Monday, April 11th, dave from Nebraska said

Very cool flash Cartman.
In my home state we call that plant The Pickeled Brain plant.

on Monday, April 11th, holly said

I never wold have gotten that- I've never seen rhubarb outside the grocery store. I was just checking back to suggest that it was a sun-dried tomato. But I retract that guess.

on Monday, April 11th, Elise said

Thanks Dave!

I know the animation is very simplistic, but I was able to do that after one lesson (not tutorial) on animation. It's a lot easier than I thought it would be.

And Holly, the leaves only look all smushed up like that in the early spring while they're unfurling themselves. A neighbor gave me a plant 2 years ago and now I have quite a bit of it. It's a very hardy plant but you'll probably want to avoid putting any in your garden as the leaves are toxic to cats. I had the plant my neighbor gave me shut in the bathroom before I had a chance to plant it and Osiris nibbled on a leaf and got really really ill. My vet said it could have killed him or destroyed his liver if he'd eaten more!

on Thursday, April 14th, Dio said

Wow what a disturbing plant.

I hate flash - I dabbled with it a few years back to make a banner for me art site. It turned out so heavy I didn't bother in the end.

I couldn't get my head around drawing in Flash though and animating that - I just used stills. Its here if you're interested.

I'll stick with gifs for now though, quick and easy. :)

on Thursday, April 14th, Elise said

Hey Dio, I like the banner, especially your tag line: Dark Heart of Wales!

I don't know if I'll be using Flash for banners and the like, I'm thinking more about for short films and the like....maybe making some silly flash games.

That new photo of you on your blog makes you look like a real bad ass by the way!

on Thursday, April 14th, Elise said

By the way, have you noticed how tough it is to leave a comment on your site since the overhaul?

on Friday, April 15th, Dio said

I hadn't noticed Elise - what was the problem? It did confuse me at first, its not well worded IMO. What were you finding tough about it - I'll see if I can fix it.

If its not good I'll change back to the old ones, its not too much hassle. There are a few issues with the page at the moment that I want to try and sort out - I may have to overhaul the overhaul ;)

That photos quite an old one now, but its my favourite one of me. I could do with a newer one actually but I'm never happy with any of them. :(

on Friday, April 15th, Elise said

A couple times when I've clicked on the comments link, you can read the comments but there isn't a comments box. That's happened twice since you switched over to the new look, which I like.

And keep the photo of you, it's brilliant!