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04/18/2005: "Talking with my Papa"

My dad called tonight and we ended up talking for several hours. He owned his own small business for many many years (Tomlinson Locksmith) and had some nice insights to share. He's proud of me and that has always meant a lot. I always feel better about things after one of our nice long talks.

I sent him a link to the book that used my image on the jacket cover and I think he's impressed. I received my copy in the mail and now I have it sitting in my book case at work so I can show it off to random passers by (pathetic, I know...)

My friend Susana (aka Subi) of Swiss Love Baby, has asked me to do the cover for her poetry chapbook (Tangent Press). I'm very excited to work with her on this. She is a wonderful poet and edits an online poetry journal called Dusie. It's nice being able to work on these kinds of projects again.

My friend Wayne brought in his new medium format camera to show me today. It's kick ass! It's nice having (another) professional photographer as a friend...they tend to come in handy for us painters.

Totally off topic, but did anyone hear about that Save Toby website where a man threatened to kill and eat his pet bunny if people didn't donate 50 grand to him by June 30th (I believe it's a hoax but still)? Also a bill in Wisconsin would make it legal to *hunt* free-roaming cats. AHHHHHHH!

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on Tuesday, April 19th, RR said

It was really nice to read about you chatting to your Dad. I miss mine. Only hubby and kids turned out for the exhibition and although it wasn't a big deal, I just have an incling that my Dad would have been there if he possibly could have been. A couple of colleagues turned up which was nice but nothing like a show to let you know who your real friends are eh?

on Tuesday, April 19th, Elise said

Yes, my dad calls a lot; sometimes we talk for hours and sometimes he just calls during a commercial break. My mom died when I was in college so I count on my dad so much that I get terrified just entertaining the thought of something happening to him.

I'm sorry to hear about your own father...I'm sure he would have been at the exhibition with you (and incredibly proud) if he could have been.

As for your show, how many of your friends did you invite? I can't believe that none of them showed up!!!

Hopefully you've written about the exhibition over at Red Writing I'll go check it out!

Anyway, congratulations on your exhibition and be comforted by the fact that so many of your far-away friends would have come if it were at all possible.

on Tuesday, April 19th, subi said

wow lise, thanks for the shout-out! dusie's 'coming out' party will be next wednesday night via tangentradio...check it out... ... more details soon! :hehe: oh & you don'tt even know how excited i am to have your work for my cover art!!!!!!!! i'm just going to HAVE to come to AK so we can do a reading/book signing!!! oh & vice versa!!!!!!! :) (dare to dream...for real!)

on Tuesday, April 19th, subi said

oh&send my love &hellos to Papa-san, bitte...i meant to say that too... :D

on Tuesday, April 19th, subidubi said

omg...i'm a commenteer/stalker! also check out the translation stuff at slb, too much glitz baby? what say you? :O

on Tuesday, April 19th, Elise said

My dad totally remembers you Subi, I mentioned you to him last night by first name only and he said "Oh, from Rhode Island!" he amazes me sometimes.

Good luck with the coming out party, I'll try to "stop by" for it!

on Wednesday, April 20th, RR said

It's comforting to know my far-away friends would have come. I invited about 40 colleagues and family. Two showed. I guess I don't really do friends very well!

on Wednesday, April 20th, Elise said

You know, that's one thing I can be thankful for, I've always had really supportive friends when it comes to my art openings and such. I usually get a really big turn out just from people I know. It helps that I work on a small college campus where I know most of the other faculty members, not to mention co-workers at the library and students I've all adds up.

I don't know if they're coming to support me or just because there's a lot of free food and wine, but hey, I'll take it!

Anyway, I'm sure you'll get a bigger turnout from friends at your next show, maybe a solo?