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04/23/2005: "Another funky wax creation (jus cuz I likes da way de looks)"

wax2 (48k image)

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on Saturday, April 23rd, greg said

cool - how big is it?
I wonder if you could varnish it or somehow laminate it, so it wouldnt melt in those Alaskan heat waves?
I wonder if you could embed shiney quartz and amythyst crystals in the wax and wall mount it?


on Saturday, April 23rd, Elise said

Interesting ideas Greg. It's about 9 inches wide, so not very big but I like the effect enough to try and go larger, and imbeding stuff might be cool. As for preserving it, not sure how I would do that. Maybe it would be meant to be ephemeral in nature. If it ever gets hot enough here to melt it we've got bigger problems.