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04/23/2005: "Nice day for a white wedding"

This afternoon my friends Mike and Amelia got married out at Eagle Beach with a brief, simple ceremony. Usually I'd rather have cavities filled than attend a wedding, but this one was beautiful with none of the partriarchal/religious overtones that typically make me want to hurl. (sorry).

Also, I got to set up my tripod and take photos so I didn't have to make a lot of small talk (another stomach turner). The reception was fun too, they held it at DIPAC which stands for Douglas Island Pink and Chum, Inc. where later in the summer they have a fish ladder for spawing salmon. It has a beautiful big circular salt water aquarium as well. I'd never thought of it as a wedding reception location before but it was tasteful and elegant.

I'm really happy for both of them!

mike-amelia-final1 (58k image)