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05/06/2005: "Another perfect day!"

After god knows how many sleepless nights dreading getting my boat hauled and having to paint it and all that crap, I finally got it done today. My friend Karen who is incredible and used to pilot ice breakers in Antarctica helped me motor over to the harbor where I was to have it hauled.

Even though I didn't want to do all of the manuvering myself, she made me, but talked me through it. First I had to tie up next to a couple of cute, shirtless fishermen. Next I had to motor out of the harbor and back in again, in between the pilings where they had the sling that would lift me out of the water. Then we had to walk a gang plank from the boat to the very high was all quite the ordeal but Karen is such a calm and self-assured person that I was able to do it without much thought.

After the boat was hauled they discovered the bottom looked pretty good, not much growth or flaking and the zincs were still ok. So....the guy convinced me to just relaunch without painting or anything. Karen agreed with his assessment. This has saved me about $600 dollars I would have had to charge for the paint and having her dry docked in order to paint her.

I am so happy right now...after we motored back to the Douglas harbor we went out for beers at the BreakWater, a nautically themed bar that overlooks the Harris harbor where all the sailors go after a day out on the water. What a perfect end to a perfect day! Tonight I'm going to see if I can get my new drawing tablet functional and work on a book cover I'm doing for my friend Suzana which is due on Monday.

Life is good.

rozinante-hauled (59k image)

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on Saturday, May 7th, Marja-Leena said

Wow, what a beautiful boat! Indeed, your life is good!

on Saturday, May 7th, Markus Barca said

Okay. I'm jealous now. Happy, Elise? :satisfied:

What a great looking boat.

on Saturday, May 7th, holly said

Wow- that's a real boat! What a beauty! So with the $600 you've saved from not having to repaint etc. can you get your new outboard motor?

on Sunday, May 8th, Elise said

Thanks guys, I *am* happy actually! Is the weather in Anchorage as nice as it has been in SE Markus?

Today I put up the main sail and finished the pre-season prep and I can't wait to get out there. I also worked in the garden. I love getting all sweaty and dirty and then taking a cold shower, putting on clean clothes and drinking ice cold beer!

Oh, and Holly, a new outboard would cost around 2 grand so no, I won't be able to afford one yet.

As my friend Karen said "you're not $600 richer, you're $600 less poor!" which is true, as I was charging everything.

on Sunday, May 8th, Markus Barca said

The weather has actually been quite nice up here these last few days. The wind has a slight chill to it, but I can live with it.

on Sunday, May 8th, Dio said

Looks all ship shape and mountain fresh to me. :)

The mountains look great - nice to have a bit of weather to go with it.

on Sunday, May 8th, Elise said

Yup Dio, the weather just stays nice day after day. I think you being from Wales and all, can probably understand how strange it is to have weeks of sunshine in a row.

on Monday, May 9th, RR said

I can second that. Weeks of sunshine in Scotland don't come along very often either - in fact.....nope can't remember many. Glad the boat is ok - it looks fantastic.

on Monday, May 9th, Ty said

well what a boat! When you where saying your outboard moter was messed up I was thinking a realy small boat, like one step from a rowboat. That boat rocks!
Oh by the way I also am an artist check out my site. It's :O

on Monday, May 9th, Elise said

Hey RR, I forgot about Scotland but you're right, the weather there is probably pretty similar to Wales. I wonder which of us gets more rainfall? I'll have to look that up. What region of Scotland do you live in?

And Ty, I really enjoyed looking through your work, especially the musicians.

If you look at my "in progress" gallery you'll see I've been working with that theme a bit myself lately.

I like the way you have your website set up as well. Anyway, it's great to meet another artist!

on Thursday, May 12th, Corey Wall said

Wow--what a beautiful boat! You take so much better care of her than the previous owners.... Love the work in the "in progress" gallery as well.

on Thursday, May 12th, Elise said


Yah, those previous owners were real bums!

Emily says Fall 06 you'll be taking 2-3 weeks to bring Iona up from Vancouver and asked if I'd like to crew for you some of the way...yee haw, I can't wait!

Oh, and glad you like in progress stuff. When it's finished I'm going to have an exhibit in my house...maybe I'll wait until August and then you and Em can come too!