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05/10/2005: "Ballerinas"

One of my nieces (the one smiling in the middle) just had her ballet recital and did wonderfully from what I hear. I wish I could have been there. Just wanted to share this photo my sister took because I think the girls look adorable.

j-t-dance2 (44k image)

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on Wednesday, May 11th, holly said

OK, your niece is the only one who looks like she hasn't eaten an entire bottle of apathy and barbituates. The others look like hardened old barflies. I want to Photoshop a beer bottle into the hand of the girl with the cantaloupe-style hairdo. The niece, however, is lovely. How old is she?

on Wednesday, May 11th, Elise said

I think she's 4 going on 5 because she hasn't started kindergarten yet.

I'm not sure if this photo was taken before or after the performance, but there are some rather cynical expressions.

I don't think the parents were allowed to take photos during the recital because from what my sister has told me, they (the instructors) take it *very* seriously.

I asked my sister if she thought it was a bit much for such a little girl but my niece loves it so I guess that's the important thing.

on Wednesday, May 11th, holly said

She looks like she's having a great time. As for the others, I'll bet there was a TV on in the room-- I know that look!

on Wednesday, May 11th, Elise said

Ah hah! You're right. All there eyes are looking in the same direction and they look a bit stupified.

My niece is probably smiling because her mom said "look over here and smile for the camera!"...still, there were a bunch more photos my sister sent and my niece looked genuinely estatic in all of them. Such a cutie pie...and a really sweet girl as well. One down side of living so far away from the rest of my family, I only see them once or so a year.

on Wednesday, May 11th, Elise said

oops, I mean all *their* eyes.

I hate messing up "there & their" or "it's & its"

...two pet peeves of mine.

on Wednesday, May 11th, Joan said

Which sister is the mom?

on Wednesday, May 11th, Elise said

My red-headed sister! Hey Joan, how's it going? Have you been getting in water there in the ranchlands?

on Thursday, May 12th, subi said

:hehe: how cute! holly had me gut-laughing! :P her description was so, ah well, descriptive... i think this photo would make a great painting with them all painted in older versions for a sequence :O

on Thursday, May 12th, subi said

O, and Harry responded to the book cover with WOW! how'd she do that! (sans the RI accent ;) )

on Thursday, May 12th, greg said

Oh I love these "add a caption to the picture games!" :P

"4 out of 5 ballerinas prefer the mind sucking effects of sugar and 'Tele'tubby Swanlake' to real social encounters!"

I'll go with Holly's premise, as opposed to the "next-up: Chippendale's recital" idea, owing to this is a family blog! :hehe:

on Thursday, May 12th, Elise said

I'm glad Harry likes the book cover! I hope it turns out looking like I envision it. I mean, now that they've taken it to a regular print shop the way it will be printed is going to be different than if they were doing a color separation technique...anyway, too late to worry about it now I suppose.

And Greg, I agree that making captions for photos is fun. I like this shot because it is candid but I'm sure the kids were not like this the whole time, the tv (or whatever) was probably used to calm them down pre-performance...and fyi, I wouldn't *at all* consider this a family blog...though I prefer of course any discussion revolving around my beautiful neice and her little friends remains in good taste (which I think it has).

on Thursday, May 12th, dave from Nebraska said

That IS one funny picture.
A classic, maybe an icon.
Worthy of piment?
How much did that Hopper painting go for yesterday??
Thanks for sharing it.

on Thursday, May 12th, Elise said

The Hopper sold for 14 million US. A girl can dream...

on Thursday, May 12th, dave from Nebraska said

Oh man!
I dropped a g!
Please insert "pigment" regards previous comment.

on Thursday, May 12th, Elise said

That's funny because I had didn't even notice the lack of g. I read it as pigment the first time.

on Thursday, May 12th, Markus Barca said

Ahh, geez. That one photo just consumed my weekly allotment of "cuteness." :)

on Thursday, May 12th, Elise said

Well, I don't often pull out the "cuteness" guns, so you'll forgive me this once!

on Sunday, May 15th, Joan said

She looks just like her mom, now that I know. Actually I had "forgotten" about her - so sorry - and embarassing for me as well.

Yes, we did get the rain here, 3.5" with upwards of 10-12 about fifty miles south. There was a lot of running in the fields and on the roads. I think some fields will have to be replanted and quite a bit of field "reformation" done before they get back in shape for the season.

Did you get my contact about the t-shirts?

Also, congrats on the bookcover. It is absolutely beautiful.

on Sunday, May 15th, Elise said

Hi again Joan, you know, when I wrote that about the rain it was because I was afraid you weren't getting enough, and then later I found out about the flooding, not sure which is worse. Hope things are ok for everyone.

As for the T-Shirts, do you have any images of past t-shirts used for the North Loop festival thing? It might help me if I could see what others have done to determine if I could do something in a similar vein. Also, any information you have on dates or how many words are going to be on it and any info you can get from the person doing the printing (number of colors, how they'd like the image file, resolution, etc.)...

Anyway, if I know a bit more I can give you a better idea if it's something I could do or not. Just let me know