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07/19/2005: "Safe and sound"

I'm in DC, (well, Arlington to be exact). I left Juneau at 3:20 in the afternoon yesterday and just arrived at Dulles International at 7:30am this morning. There's a 4 hour time difference from Alaska and about 40 degrees temperature/humidity difference.

Rick lives with his boyfriend Andrew in a very adorable 2 story brick house with hard wood floors and everything stylish and perfect. I have the basement to myself, a wireless laptop, flatscreen TV and fan. The air conditioning is set to 78 Alaskan standards a real scorcher. There's supposed to be a thunder storm tonight...I really hope there is as we don't get them in Juneau.

Some final thoughts on my show...well, I was trying to finish up all the paintings before I left and I should know better than to try and work when I'm in a hurry like that. I made some things much worse. As i mentioned before, I made major (horrible) changes to the sleeping fiddler painting. Others still need major revamping. The woman sleeping with cat had something off about the angle of her face so I redid it and now the angle looks right but her face looks bright red...

The only painting I feel *really* good about is the woman playing bass on the beach. (the landscapes are all finished as well) but the other ones with figures will still need major work. Plus I didn't finish the frames or title cards or mail invitations or any of the other hundreds of things I promised myself I'd finnish before leaving. Ah well...I'm going to just try and relax and not think about it. I'm on vacation after all!!!

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on Tuesday, July 19th, dave from Nebraska said

Have a happy vacation!!
Gonna check out the art in DC? Museums, galleries and such?

on Tuesday, July 19th, greg said

Yeh live it up (but 'never let 'em see ya sweat!)! I think the National Gallery has the "only" US DaVinci ... she's a might scary woman - no Mona Lisa - but worth checking out, if only for the A/C !! :cool:

on Wednesday, July 20th, Elise said

I'm on my way to Baltimore today so I'm not sure when I'll be back in DC...probably Monday. I do want to take in some museums and stuff though.

on Wednesday, July 20th, subi said

Have a great time!!!! give rick& andrew & paco all kisses & love for me!!! get drunk at least once for me! :P if you have time while in Baltimore, be sure to spend an afternoon at the American Visionary Arts Museum, it's near the harbour and where some famous battle was fought. it was one of the BEST museums I have ever been to. The awesome thing about DC is all the museum are free! this one in baltimore isn't but so worth the 6 bucks. The new holocaust museum is excellent as well but naturally depressing, where in Dupont did you eat? At a pub or the italian restaurant? I love Dupont! Rick and I lived near there, like walking distance! :rolleyes: oh those were the days, sigh, when i got to do things like hang out :doze:

on Thursday, July 21st, Les said

Would like to know where your show will be and the date for a friend in Juneau. Also I know the guy that is commissioning the painting, I will give him the message about your misplaced calling card