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07/21/2005: "Woo Woo!"

I'm in DC, under the influence, listening to green day in my friends' amazing old victorian...very hot but having soooo much fun.

tomorrow we may go to the visionary museum...yeah.

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on Thursday, July 21st, subi said

:)kisses to sweet Fiona (&Jeni & Sean ;) ) from me& Stella!!!! Maybe you could post a pic of Jeni&Sean's dark-haired beauty? (i imagine her to look like Mama but maybe she's more like papa with reddish bonde hair?) So excited to hear yourgoing to the Visionary museum, I really think you'll be impressed! take pics!!!!

on Friday, July 22nd, dave from Nebraska said

Green Day rocks!!
What the influence??
Have fun.
Thanks for filling us in.

on Friday, July 22nd, f-i-n said

sounds like heaven!

on Saturday, July 23rd, Elise said

Fiona has Sean's reddish brown hair but Jenni's beautiful brown eyes...

as far as taking pics in the visionary muesum, there were signs that you weren't supposed to so I didn't though I *really* wanted to. I LOVE that place. Oh, and Jenni says "hi and hugs and kisses back"

And yes, green day does indeed rock. And that's the great thing about the word "influence", it's open to interpretation.
and yes, it has been like heaven here, a very hot and humid heaven for this alaskan girl, but heaven none the less.