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07/23/2005: "Visionary"

Yesterday we went to the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. I've been to *a lot* of museums and galleries over the years and I can honestly say that this place is amazing. I don't think I've ever seen so many funky, original pieces of art under one roof in my life. I feel so inspired myself, got so many ideas while wondering the's almost hard being away from my studio, I just hope I can hang onto everything until I get home.

I may be able to put some of my creative energy to work designing a wall in my friends' baby room...or invitations to their daughter's first birthday party. Fiona is such a doll...I have this reputation of being a child hater but really I don't hate children, I just (usually) prefer to not be around them. I adore Fiona however, such a sweet lil monkey.

This afternoon we're giong to ArtScape and then tonight we're giong to a park to have a picnick, watch fireworks and see/listen to the Mambo Kings. I forget how much there is to do in an actual city!

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on Thursday, July 28th, holly said

OK, I'm tired of your vacation and your cats are sick of living amongst all the foil. Come back now, please.

on Thursday, July 28th, dave from Nebraska said

Oh come on Holly!
The woman's having some fun. :laugh:
Hopefully, she'll give us all the details when she comes back.

on Thursday, July 28th, dave from Nebraska said

And the links are cool.

on Thursday, July 28th, holly said

What is this "fun" you speak of? Fun. Fun? Hmm...
"fun (n) 1 A trick, a cheat, a hoax.
2 Amusement, light-hearted pleasure, jocularity, drollery. Also, something which provides this, a source of amusement."*

So Elise is either being jocular and drole, or else she's conning people on the street corner with the coconut shell game.

*Thank you, Oxford English Dictionary!

on Thursday, July 28th, Elise said

I think I'm having more drollery than hoaxiferousnous.

My vacation is indeed long, I doooooo miss my kitties terribly...and I've developed terrible ennui regarding my upcoming show, of which I have done zero of the final preps I had planned (ie. press release, invites, etc.)

being on vacation has the effect of turning me into a big cat myself...up all night and napping all day.

on Thursday, July 28th, Rod said

25 cents please. :P

on Friday, July 29th, Elise said

ah, that's right, i forgot you own the trademark on that word. I'll take it off the price of the painting!