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08/03/2005: "I'm back, and the show is on!"

OK, this is only a quickie since I'm at work and I normally don't ever blog from here....just wanted to mention that the show is going to happen this Friday from 4:30-6:30 at the new downtown Heritage, the one around the corner from the JAHC gallery that faces the entrance to the WellsFargo bank. I'm still not ready to hang and yes, feeling a bit stressed out but after Friday, no more shows for at least a year. I'll write more when I get a chance. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I'll get everything ready in time. I hate this part!

Also, if you've sent me an email in the last 2-3 weeks and I haven't written you back, it could be because I didn't get the email. My filter is acting up again. It has started blocking messages from people on my "friends" list, people I've always been able to get messages from in the past...and since I wasn't checking my spam filter on my trip and messages auto-delete after a week or two...I could have missed some important ones. Sorry about that. I officially hate McAfee.

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on Wednesday, August 3rd, RR said

Have a great show Elise. Thinking of you. Sell lots.

on Wednesday, August 3rd, Elise said

Thanks RR. I have (as always) *low* expectations for sales. I didn't do a very good job of getting the word out and the date/location for this show has changed so often. I'll have a couple die hard friends there though, that always helps.

on Wednesday, August 3rd, T wat said

It will be awesome. Take some wipes for the bathroom stall!

on Wednesday, August 3rd, Elise said

Thanks T wat. I haven't scoped out their bathroom situation yet but good advice!

on Thursday, August 4th, Howard said

Good luck with the show Elise!

on Thursday, August 4th, subi said

hey lisey, and welcome back!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! I know you will do fine!!!!!!!!!anxiety can be productive! (repeat that 3x to self) : :O

on Thursday, August 4th, Elise said

Arg, I'm home sick today, these things just stress me out no end, I don't sleep, eat, exercise, everything goes to hell.

but thanks for the well wishes...