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08/04/2005: "the Hanging"

I couldn't hang the show tonight, problems with my's some advice if you're going to hang something in a space that has the high ceiling hooks...if you don't attach your hanging brackets at the very top of the frame, the top will hang out from the wall. Very frustrating, especially being sick. A fellow Juneau artist, a photographer, stopped in and introduced himself and offered to help me tomorrow...which was very kind of him. Particularly considering how close I am to having a nervous breakdown at the moment.


I used PhotoShop tonight to map out how I want the images displayed...all the landscapes together on the short wall:

short-wall (22k image)

and all the figurative works together on the long wall:

long-wall (40k image)

I think this layout looks pretty good but I'm operating under a horrid headache that has had me in tears on and off for the past several hours so I could be wrong. I'm open to suggestions at this point.

I will attempt to hang these tomorrow afternoon right before the opening. The problem is they'll only let me hang during business hours, and it's kind of cramped in there and if there are a lot of customers, I'm just not sure how that's going to work out. We'll can't get any worse.

Replies: 5 Comments

on Friday, August 5th, RR said

The show looks like it's going to be great. Well done for getting everything finished. I hope you feel better soon.

on Friday, August 5th, Howard said

looking good!

on Friday, August 5th, T wat said

Looks great. Remember, you always get everything done on time. So take a ddep breath.

on Friday, August 5th, Elise said

I can't believe how terrible I feel right now...and I still haven't figured out how to physically hang these in the space (without them hanging away from the wall) plus I think it's closing an hour earlier than I thought so half the people I invited won't make it in time. I always forget how much i hate this...they did write a really nice article about it in yesterday's paper including two of my paintings so I may get a few people in.

on Friday, August 5th, Joan said

It was on a smaller scale, but when we had that problem, we taped the hanging wire (upside down V above the brackets) to the back of the frame and used that sticky gum like stuff on the top two corners to reinforce. It worked on the short term. Hope that makes sense. Don't take illness after vacation as a bad sign - just a residual of a great time! Good luck.