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08/08/2005: "On getting real(istic)"

There was something about the opening that bothered me that I couldn't put my finger on until this morning...the fact that there was such lop sided interest in the one painting that required no imagination on my part. I just worked from a photograph I took of the water pump, it wasn't really even in my "style" that much, and it took less time, thought, and energy than any of the others. I feel like I've progressed and grown as an artist and yet there are still more people who respond to something I could have painted back in high school.

Even worse, I feel a certain amount of temptation to give the people what they want...although it is just a temptation, ultimately I'll continue to paint the way I want to. Mostly I feel a huge weight off my shoulders now that I don't have any shows lined up. Saturday I had to go to the urgent care clinic because I had a pretty severe case of kidney infection. This happens everytime I have a solo exhibit but they keep getting progressively worse and this time it was actually scary. It's just not worth it.

Then Sunday, after some power napping, Jen came over and we grilled halibut and corn on the cob and sat on the porch playing guitar in the sun. It was very relaxing. This morning I'm feeling better, ready to get my life back on track.

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on Monday, August 8th, greg said

mmmmmm.... halliiibut! Lemon and lil'yeller ta'maters!

What did I say about that painting before. Obviously the water is superb and probably is the visual hook. Peoples eyes jump out. What a great affect to effect!! Anything else in your retrospective that has similar style H2O?

Sorry about your emergent care! Hope all is healthy now?

Here's one for you to maybe try. Ever paint anything upclose? I look out my window 'pon a young Alder tree, with it's beootiful green foliage' acrawl with ladybugs, and yellowjackets (an improved situation over the spring, when it was Capenter ants! *yikes*). I tho't it was in interesting image: a large leaf with a nice bug and a danger bug - better lent to your style than mine.

on Monday, August 8th, Elise said

Thanks Greg, I have always had a pretty easy time painting water, and again, I could start to paint a bunch of similar pieces if it was all about sales but...I think if I make reproductions of the more popular paintings it could help finance the less popular pieces which are closer to my heart.

I have considered painting close-ups. I take a lot of macro photography such as this gallery as well as others, now I'll have time to mix and match and just play around.


on Monday, August 8th, T wat said

There is a quietness to that painting that I think people respond to. It captures the elegance of something so simple and everyday. Hope you're feeling better.

on Monday, August 8th, subi said

i agree with T wat (hmmm very suspect name) :O

no really, my chap book hasn't come out yet but a small image of the cover is on the pub page and i have so many comments on it... always in way of 'stunning'... i think there is something in landscape that just resonates to the core of all people... i get 2nd dibs if payment doesn't come soon, right? :P

on Monday, August 8th, dave from Nebraska said

I'm with T wat.

on Monday, August 8th, Elise said

it's not that I'm unhappy that so many people are responding favorably to one of my paintings, just the opposite actually. It's just that I played a very small part in that piece...I didn't have to visualize anything, it was already there...but it doesn't always happen that people can see or capture those simple everyday moments so maybe (even if it was only through my camera) that was my role in it.

And Subi, I'm glad that people like the image I did for your cover...that makes me feel great.


on Monday, August 8th, ann said

Two things about that painting:

1) It's hauntingly lonely. At least, that's what strikes me when I see it. Not everyone can capture a scene that way.

2) It's an easy recognizable scene from Juneau/Douglas. Some people simply like that kind of painting: something they recognize, painted well.

But... if I were going to buy one... it wouldn't be that painting (even thought it's great). It would be one of your wildly colorful, unique Elise paintings. So, it suits me just fine if you keep painting those. :)

on Monday, August 8th, Elise said

Thanks Ann! I tried to paint a series on loneliness once, but they all had figures in them. I guess places can feel lonely too...that might be an interesting direction to explore.