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08/14/2005: "The Dead Zone"

salmon (56k image)
Here is one dead floating salmon and several living ones swimming behind it. In August in Juneau it starts to *really* stink for a couple of weeks after the salmon spawn and their dead bodies start washing up on shore.

salmon-bones (101k image)
Here is a salmon skeleton on the shore.

sun-clouds (34k image)
I love it when the sun hits the mountains through the clouds.

pink-sun2 (30k image)

pink-sun (23k image)
The sun setting tonight was beautiful.

Replies: 5 Comments

on Monday, August 15th, greg said

Wow! The sun looks literally "smokin'!" Very cool! The next buzz-worthy masterpiece. perhaps? ;)

Don't all the bald eagles and ravens take care of "clean up" around there?

on Monday, August 15th, Elise said

The sun really was that pink, there has been smoke from a nearby forest fire in the Yukon, I think that's why the color was so intense. I initially went out to take some photos of the wetlands but it was high tide, I just happened to be there when the pink sun came out from behind the clouds. Withing the next 10 minutes 5 other photographers showed up to shoot pictures of it as well.

And, the eagles and bears can't eat all the fish, there are tons of them after all...they'll slowly break down over the next several weeks though.

on Monday, August 15th, Elise said

If you want to see some really amazing photos from Juneau look at the image up on from Aug. 14th and Aug 13th (sat. evening view). This place really is this gorgeous.

on Monday, August 15th, holly said

I would really really like to see your (painted) version of the salmon sketelon. I'm imagining it all colorful and bright instead of white and grey.

on Monday, August 15th, Elise said

Hey, that's a cool idea Holly. The new experimental me might give that a try.