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08/25/2005: "Let the Idiot Speak!"

This was sent to me by my friend Sean in Baltimore. I guruntee it'll make ew laugh out loud.

Bush Speech Writer Spoof.

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on Friday, August 26th, Kasia said

It was really funny. I don't like Bush, cause his really not smart. :)
I saw a short picture story about him in Poland, I think I might have it in my computer. When I find it i will send it to you.

on Friday, August 26th, Elise said

More than not liking him, I don't *respect* him. He has hurt my country in so many ways, I hope we will be able to recover once he and his administration are gone, but I don't have too much hope anymore.

on Friday, August 26th, holly said

Why do you hate America so much, Elise? ;)

I always have such trouble watching these things, because he's such an idiot he cracks me up and then I remember that he's real, and people think he knows what he's doing and that scares the shit out of me.

I'm with you-- I don't have a lot of hope for this country anymore.

on Friday, August 26th, Elise said

What's funny is that I've had to send my CV out to some external reviewers to get letters of recommendation for my tenure file. Since I don't know the reviewers personally, I checked on their CVs to see if my accomplishments were comparable to theirs.

They all had 2-3 masters degrees, most also had a PhD, they spoke an average of 3-4 languages and had huge lists of books and articles they’d had published in scholarly journals etc.

What struck me as so insane is that these people needed these kinds of credentials to be LIBRARIANS! Nothing against academic librarians, I'm one myself and I think it's a noble profession, but holy shit! Wouldn't you expect the most powerful and influential individual in the world to have at least as much education as a librarian?

on Friday, August 26th, Jim L said

"Wouldn't you expect the most powerful and influential individual in the world to have at least as much education as a librarian?" Only if they are going to be accountable for what they do. Apparently that isn't a requirement for this job while it is for librarians. I mean, how much education does it really take to ride a bike for five weeks and say "Yes, Mr. Cheney"?

on Friday, August 26th, greg said

Unfortunately, he really isn't all that stupid. I doubt he got that Yale degree (masters too) handed to him because of his father's connections. If he really was stupid we wouldnt have too much to worry about ... he would have been voted out on his ass, or impeached (still hope?)I do think he is canny, crafty, has a thought out agenda and the motivation. Still, the results are the same!

I can't watch him either. Painful! He is definitely not the media darling we come to expect (or IS he?), but I have seen him give some good (rehearsed)speeches ... well 2. Sadly what's worse is his off the cuff remarks, and the sad state of many Americans who are actually endeared to his bumbling, rambling non-rehearsed statements!


on Friday, August 26th, Elise said

Well, he certainly got in because of daddy's connections and I'm not sure how challenging it is to get C- s.

Also, he probably got a lot of help in the way of tutors etc. that's all the rage now with the children of the super wealthy. I honestly can not believe that man earned any kind of college degree on his own. And you're right, he can practice speeches and recite things, but did you see him in the debates? Also half the off the cuf remarks he makes are soooooo stupid it makes me want to vomit.

OK, I'll shut up now, I get what you're saying, that he's crazy like a fox. I still think Dick does most of the thinking. Now he's a smart guy!

on Friday, August 26th, Markus Barca said

Bush isn't a genius, but his IQ is well above average. Well, at least according to this article.

on Friday, August 26th, Elise said

I just can't believe that Markus, but I'll read it...we liburls have to keep an open mind.

If he isn't as stupid as we all believe, that still makes him...well...evil.

on Friday, August 26th, Elise said

Well, I read the article and my guess would be he cheated. He has such poor grammar and vocabulary, there's no way he scored that high on the SAT without help.

I mean, come on Markus...who say's shit like "families is where are nation's take hope" and "the literacy level of our children are appalling" there's just no way unless his stupidity is all a hoax.

Wouldn't you agree?

on Friday, August 26th, Markus Barca said

"...unless his stupidity is all a hoax"

hmmm. hehe.

Seriously, I suspect what we commonly see as "George W. Bush" on TV is nothing but a stage persona. The Texas accent sounds authentic (I grew up there), but the speech flubbing may be a play. It sounds kooky, I know. The evidence to back that claim up is surely lacking.

Remember how people remarked about Clinton's charisma? He had the ability to win people over with his stories and was able to "feel your pain." That was his political persona. You develop that over years in the game. Bush, in a similar vein, may have developed the speech flubbing to give himself an obvious flaw for people to identify with. "Look, I'm not perfect!"

It's a nice theory. Like I said, no real proof to back it up. Occams razor would suggest that Bush really does have a speaking problem, but speaking problems aren't a good indicator of low intelligence (dyslexics and stutterers often have higher than average IQs).

on Friday, August 26th, Markus Barca said

Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, Gore's IQ is in the upper 130s; Clintons, in the 140s (I think).

on Saturday, August 27th, greg said

Another litmus test on the average American is to contrast Bush's speaking style with Kerry's - another smart guy. They're like polar opposites, considering Kerry's egghead verbosity. I dont get it but "we" picked "Mr. Noo-q-ler!"

Well, W is now called one of the "fittest" presidents - at least he has a sound body! *snarf* :D

on Friday, September 2nd, Karoda said

I'm blog surfing this morning and stumbled across your blog...I must thank you for my first morning laugh!

on Friday, September 2nd, Elise said

I know, I had to watch it a couple times. Sometimes laughter is the only way to keep from crying hysterically!